Application for Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Innovative Training Networks (MSCA ITN)

10-Jun-20, 12:53
by ivesebb
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posted about 1 month ago

I'm looking to apply for the Innovative Training Networks (ITN) of MSCA. However, I'm not sure regarding the eligibility of the applicants: where I read some sources that mention that only students who are doing their 1st year of 4-year PhD can apply for it, and the others imply that anyone without PhD can apply (inclusive of those who have not started their PhD at all).

Do you have any clue which one is true, or is this requirement varies amongst projects/universities?

Thank you!
22-Jun-20, 18:18
edited about 14 seconds later
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posted about 2 weeks ago
Sorry, I think you'd need to contact them to clarify if it's unclear. It might be what you suggest, or that the guidance has recently changed.


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