Challenges of dealing with stress and pressure as an early career researcher

02-Jul-20, 00:54
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by Kas21
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posted about 1 month ago
Hi all,

New here to the forum.

I'm a new(ish) post-doc and also just started as a student on an innovation course at UCSC, where I'm looking to create resources to help early career researchers in dealing with challenges they face when it comes to supporting their mental health and well-being.

I'm looking to chat with some students/early-career researchers (self-defined) about this and thought there might be some on this forum interested in a quick (~15-20 minutes) informal chat on Zoom (or other platforms).

The questions would be around things like your workflow when you feel stressed/pressured, what is/was your process for finding a solution, how did you find that solution, and what were the barriers to finding it.

The feedback would be used to identify common challenges and needs and then focus on building those resources/tools.

Is there anyone here who would be interested in a chat?

Thanks, and I hope to speak with some of you soon


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