approaching potential phd supervisors and emailing them

25-Jul-20, 20:33
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posted about 2 weeks ago
I recently sent an email to two supervisors expressing interest in their phd positions, I sent these on the 19th and haven't heard anything back, how long should I wait for a reply? and if I don't get a response should I still send an application? I'm quite anxious to send these applications off, there was no deadline attached to these positions so I wanted to send it off ASAP. For context, I emailed stating what degree I got and the grade, my research interests and why I was interested in their phd position, mentioned some papers of theirs that I read and that i'd hope to hear from them this the right way to email them? I also send the email through some form attached on the advert on findaphd, i'm not even sure if it was reliable to send my email that way as i'm not 100% sure it would have got to them, should I have emailed them directly? I didn't email any proposal as most chemistry phd's have a proposal already laid out, I did attach my CV though


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