New career: Banks, data sciences, data analysis, statistics... Which master?

29-Jul-20, 10:58
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I am currently math teacher in public secondary school in France.
I am 27, completed my master in mathematics in 2017, and worked 3 years as a teacher.
I want to start a new career in a field where analytical skills are required. I don't know much what are the options. I first thought banks and insurances, then saw the terms of data analysis and data sciences.
I don't have strong statistics knowledge, but I liked it back then.

Which master do you think could suit me? Would it be more clever to directly apply for graduate programs / junior positions in Banks?
I'm looking for sth without tuition fees in any European country. I guess France or Germany would work best?

For now in France, I could get accepted already in September in the "data sciences" Master of Angers.
It's apparently more related to handling bio data (biostatistics?)
Would this field offer as many jobs as banks and insurances?

Lädt question, do you need to pay additional tuition fees in France of Germany if you're doing a second Master? Is it considered "non consecutive" master?

Thanks a lot!


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