Interviews for industry-funded scholarships at ICL

26-Jan-07, 00:13
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by forren
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posted about 13 years ago
Hello, I'm a new user, from Italy. Next week I'll fly to London, for an interview at the Imperial College. I'm trying to get an industry-funded scholarship for a MSc in Petroleum Geoscience.
What do you think that I will be asked during the interview? About my previous academic studies and personal skills? Will they ask me about my possible technical knowledge in petroleum geoscience? Or simply about my motivation for this MSc?
I'm also worrying about my english, I have some difficulties in understanding english native speakers: do I need to demonstrate to be very fluent during the interview?
A final question: I'm quite old for a Master's degree (36 y.o.), but I'm strongly interested in this MSc; do you think that my age will prejudge my chances of getting a scholarship?
Thanks in advance for any response.
26-Jan-07, 00:17
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posted about 13 years ago
I don't really know your field, but generally-speaking I would expect the answer to be "yes" to all of your questions except the last one where your age won't make any difference. Indeed, some would see it as an advantage because of your life experience. Hopefully, someone else on here can speak more specifically on your area than me. Good luck!
26-Jan-07, 17:36
by forren
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posted about 13 years ago
Thank you, let's hope it will be as you said.
14-May-11, 11:17
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posted about 9 years ago
Hi forren, I'm peruvian ...but I've been living in Italy since 2005...I've just finished my Msc in Chemical Engineering at Polytechnic of Milan ..Hopefully that I will do my Msc in Petroleum engineering at Imperial College this year due to an offer that I've received ....I wonder about if it is worth to study one more year ?? or do you think that is better to start a job ..because I've received many offers to work ...But i love oil& gas sector I'm putting all in the things that I like easy to get a job after ...I supposed that you've finished your is easy then to get a job there I mean uk or abroad???Thanks so much for your answer .....I hope to hear from you soon.


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