Are there masters available in the UK with the option to study modules abroad??

05-Jan-08, 13:09
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posted about 11 years ago
I'm looking to do a Masters in Environmental Management, and was wondering if there are any courses out there that give you the option of studying parts of it abroad? Does anyone know of any courses out there like this? Ideally I was looking to study in part in Australia.

Any information on doing a Masters in full in Australia would be welocme too!

04-Sep-13, 11:41
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posted about 6 years ago
University of Wales Trinity Saint David's ? - I think I came across something like that, where they go abroad, especially US from what I recall.

Oops just noticed how old this is! :/
11-Sep-13, 22:45
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posted about 6 years ago
FindAMasters have a useful guide to Masters in Australia:
In terms of doing a UK Masters with opportunities to study abroad, Erasmus Mundus programmes are really good. They are delivered in partnership between several universities in Europe (and beyond) and offer students the opportunity to study in 2 or more universities. They do tend to take longer that the traditional 12-month UK masters.
More information on Erasmus Mundus can be found on:


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