Is there any good online MBA program?

03-Mar-08, 09:00
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by merlin
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posted about 12 years ago
I'm looking for online MBA programs. Does any one know about good accredited colleges and universities? So, pleas let me know. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

04-Mar-08, 05:28
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by dareen
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posted about 12 years ago
As you are looking for online MBA degree, here's a good list of top online accredited universities that offer MBA degrees
Feel free to request information from two or more of those colleges to compare who has the best offering that suits your needs. I hope it will help you.
20-Mar-08, 02:55
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posted about 12 years ago
just a warning, I tried to acess the above named link and cliked one of the named unis for online degrees and my computer detected it as a fradulent website. so be careful


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