What is Business Psychology like?

09-Apr-08, 18:47
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posted about 12 years ago
Does anyone know how worthwhile a Business Psychology course is?I am very interested in it and just wanted to know if anyone else knows anything more about it. It leans more towards business than psychology (occupational psych) but if anyone else knows more, please let me know!! Thanks
11-May-08, 13:05
by Kitty
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posted about 12 years ago
I went on a taster course organised by the University of London in Autumn 2007. My experience was that the emphasis was on occupational psychology as opposed to business but maybe that's just with the university of london.
The course wasn't to my taste but then sociology and psychology were never areas that particularly interested me.

If you are interested in psychology and don't mind specialising in the subject then a Business Psychology course is probably designed for you.
If you prefer areas of business like accounting or marketing then avoid these sorts of courses at all costs, because sitting through lectures will be really monotonous.


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