Looking to a MA in business related field

14-Apr-08, 21:42
by Kitty
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posted about 12 years ago
I am considering studying an MA in a business related subject.
I have a four year full time working history but no undergraduate degree.
I have board level and managerial experience and specialise in Human Resources Management.
Would any universities consider my application or would I be wasting everybody's time by applying for postgraduate?
15-Apr-08, 06:24
by golfpro
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posted about 12 years ago
A poster on the PhD site suggested (to someone else) they might. In my experience, most Universities are very rigorous re the enforcing of the Undergrad pre-requisite. Notwithstanding that, I would imagine (just) a 4 year work history would get you laughed at in this respect, even if you found a University that did make such concessions.
07-May-08, 03:58
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posted about 12 years ago
Hi Kitty,

Quite a few things to look at for MBA admission. Many universities does require one to have atleast one or two years of work experience apart from a bachelors degree. Probably some of the local colleges affiliated with UK university might be an option. MBA normally are cheaper in colleges comparing to university. However, you have also a chance for MSc or MA in same area, that is where universities are much more flexible. Send me and email on [email protected] with your resume and we can suggest things accordingly. Also you can add [email protected] or hotmail.com for online counseling.

Best of Luck
Students Solution


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