Development: DPU (UCL) or IDPM (University of Manchester)?

20-Jun-08, 10:40
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posted about 12 years ago
Hi guys,

I am a Civil Engineer involved in the development field. Next year I want to do a MSc in that field. I applied for the University of Manchester and UCL, and I have two offers for them.

At the UCL I applied for the MSc in Development Administration and Planning taught at the Development Planning Unit.
At the Uni of Manchester I applied for the MSc in Management and Implementation of Development Projects.

Anyone has done on of these degrees? Which is your opinion?

I have analysed the degree's programs and the choice of optional units. In that way I prefer the University of Manchester, the program is more flexible and the optional units offer is wider that the one at the UCL. That said, anyone knows about prestige of these departments in the development field? The research at Uni of Manchester is higher than the Development Planning Unit, but UCL is UCL and it weights a lot.

The DPU website is very poor and does not give much info. Please anyone could help me and give me your opinion?

24-Jun-08, 15:08
by Kitty
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posted about 12 years ago
The University of Manchester has a sound reputation within the UK but UCL has a prestigeous international reputation.
In my experience, the cost of living in London is exorbitantly high compared with areas outside London.
Manchester would be cheaper but UCL's reputation has better international standing.
UCL programmes are rigorously academic and somewhat inflexible, but employers do value the brand.
12-Jul-08, 15:15
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posted about 12 years ago
Kitty left out the analysis of the people that make up the DPU. The staff are so helpful, so supportive, so knowledgeable in their fields that the admittedly high requirements for the MSc are attained in an enjoyable process of learning.The environment in DPU is intellectually stimulating because you see people from nearly all the regions of the earth as both teachers and fellow students!! As a DPU MSc student, you get to travel to a developing country to see development in action. Heiii check your sources well are you really sure IDPM is higher in terms of research? Take a look at the UN-Habitat reports and glance through the names of people who prepare the case studies. Also browse the 'DPU Associates' on the DPU website and have a quick look and let's see if you will stand by your original claim. I studied at DPU as an international student. I got many interviews and a good job when I went back to my country. I still have fond memories of DPU. Franklin
13-Jul-08, 09:35
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posted about 12 years ago

thanks for your replies. When I said that "The research at Uni of Manchester is higher than the Development Planning Unit" I was thinking not in qualitative terms, but in quantitative ones. It's true what you said about Un-Habitat Case Studies, I do not discuss that, but I feel that DPU is very good mainly in that field, Urbanism in Development. In fact almost all of the publications they produce is in that field. In Development Economics, Project and Policy Management in Development contexts, public policies, IT in development, etc. I feel that IDPM is stronger or at least more multidisciplinary.

It is difficult to get a decision like that!




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