To PhD or not to PhD

16-Jul-08, 11:54
by Pert
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posted about 11 years ago
I am just out of my final year in college and have been offered a PhD that has a significant amount of funding behind it. I met the team that I could be working with and they all seem pretty good and so does the supervisor. There is a great room to publish papers and I do like science, however.

I did a research project during my final year and got a good result but the problem is that I never really liked it.
Im not sure if I really want it but I dont think I should pass up this oportunity as I will probably never get another one.

Any advice would really be appreciated
16-Jul-08, 11:57
by jouri
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posted about 11 years ago
Don't do it. If you don't like research, what's the point? Remember, this could potentially steal or waste half a decade of your life.
16-Jul-08, 12:13
by Pert
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posted about 11 years ago
See there was parts to it that I did like. The superviser that I was working for makes you work extremely hard and he is known for that. However the subgect is interseting and not much research has been done in the area so there is plenty of scope for publishing papers and I like the writing part. Plus there is also the bonuses of the conferences.
16-Jul-08, 22:29
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by DurGrad
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posted about 11 years ago
It depends where you see your career going. A PhD is the entry qualification to academic research, and some, though certainly not all, technology fields in Industry. You can do research without a PhD in many fields.

Also, while many people in research have a PhD, they're often not in the field they are researching - so the PhD doesn't mean that much, since they might well know less than a BSc who's been there longer, or who's more intelligent. Though, a PhD gives more status at conferences, and up the management chain.

My philosophy is to do it if you think you'll enjoy the project, and it's the only way to do that type of work, and it'll help in your career. Otherwise, the opportunity cost is very high, in terms of salary, career advancement, and industrial experience. In the time taken to complete a PhD you could have completed 3 or more company projects, plus a bunch of other stuff.

17-Jul-08, 10:38
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by Jayney
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posted about 11 years ago
My only advice is thus:

Only do it if you think it will be worth it afterwards, or are funded so it is like a job you love.

Only do it if you are really keen on your topic. Or you just won't finish it - it can be incredibly tedious and pleasure in the topic is the only thing that can make you get out of bed some days.

Don't just do it because you were offered it. So what?!

Good luck!
21-Jul-08, 21:16
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by Pert
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posted about 11 years ago
Thanks for the replies

The money is pretty decent and it is not that much under what I would be getting if I got a job.
There are not that many jobs around now anyway so I think it could be a sign to do it.
I think the one thing that im most scared about is the fact that it is at least 3 years and unlike other jobs it would be so much harder to leave a PhD.
I suppose you will never know until you try it and if I dont try it i might regret it
12-Mar-19, 06:35
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by athar
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posted about 6 months ago
I have also been suffering from the same dilemma for the last one month. After clearing first Semester course work of my phd, i was offered a job with good salary and i decided to start the job. I have yet not informed my supervisor and my school about the decision, but now i am again ,not sure, whether starting the job was the right step or not. My supervisor is very kind and helpful. He has supported me throughout the semester and once told me he would make sure i finish my phd in four years. I can still quit my job and join the school, but i am getting mixed advice rom different people. Some are saying it is hard to find a kind supervisor and a good research team, i should finish this phd and then find the job, while some are encouraging me to stay in job ,as phd is a long and hard journey. I think it is sometimes very difficult to choose between two options, as the results come with time


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