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Help! Similar PhD topics at different unis

This happened to me. I did approach the student but told her too much. She is now researching the exact same title I was doing with a similar approach. She also refuses to communicate with me and never mentioned me to her supervisior. Whilst I ceased my PHD, not for that reason, I am still continuing with related work.Otherwise I would have gone to my supervisor. Best advice is to log your work with a solicitor .It is a shame people will not work together or trust one another. I will help anybody. Even when my ideas have been taken, I have offered them my key references. I would still actually have been prepared to assist this person and would never take anybody's ideas or refs- there is no satisfation in that; I have enough of my own.

Suggest me a phd topic

If doing a PHD, you really need to be able to identify a project yourself- it is called being research minded. My trouble is I have loads of ideas but no interested supervisor.

Do you argue with your lecturer and supervisor?

I was marked down for facts in my assignment which were correct. I pointed them out in a one to one but feel I have since jeopardised my relationship with that person who could acually have helped me. Professors do not know everything. one factor to gaining qualifications and knowledge, is to be more considerate of the opinions and knowledge of other people. During lectures, presenters should be prepared to discuss issues.

Still unemployed a year after graduating :(

You do not yet need PHD at all Universities. Indeed, I have been seeking supervison without success. Whether you can do PHD depends on the interest of the supervisor and supervision is not always great.Beware also- because your ideas can be taken. Despite qualifications at a high level, several publications including books, and experience as a lecturer, I am not accepted as a permanent lecturer. Even other lecturers wonder why as they have less qualifications and no publications. Some Universities like people they know and especially ex students. Universities need to be more open and adopt individuals with other research interests and new ideas. So far, they are controlling the development of He education and research.