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Computer know-how needed!

Thanks! My tv is ancient so that rules that out. My printer has broken so I was thinking that if I could buy a wireless printer then I could just keep it in a cupboard somewhere and use it like that? Would that work?

As for using the hall as a nursery - two cots won't fit otherwise I would be sorely tempted!!

Computer know-how needed!

Sorry for the (probably) rather clueless questions but I don't know much about computers. :$ I currently work on a "big" computer with nice monitor and proper keyboard (I work from home) but we are in the process of changing the study into a nursery and there is nowhere to put it. The possibilities are either:
1) put it in the hall (which has no direct light so isn't really a great place to work
2) use my laptop

My laptop is rather strange and seems to develop lots of annoying habits that I don't know how to fix. :$ Anyway, my question is - can I use a normal keyboard with my laptop (I touch type and I find the laptop keyboard too flat). Can I use a printer with the laptop? Would a wireless be best? Any tips for working when you don't have a workspace that is yours and only yours? Thanks!


I am only just getting back into PhD work after a break and this is my schedule on the days I work:

6.30am - get up and get dressed
7.00 - 8.00 - wake, dress and feed babies and take son to school (my other half sometimes does the school run).
8.30 - leave babies with babysitter and go into Uni
9.00 - 13.00 - work with a 15 min coffee break along the way.
13. - 13.30 - lunch
13.30 - 15.00 - more work
15.30 - get kids back and really no work gets done after that point in the day so I have given up trying! Am just too tired to work after dinner. :-(

When to use 'Doctor'

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Congratulations! I live in Italy and at work I already am "Dr" - in fact anyone with a degree is. I think you can start using it immediately although I would be tempted to wait as I am wary of tempting fate!


The errors are definitely intentional!

Oh Dear!

I appealed the result of my MA - I had spent a lot of money on it and was not happy with the outcome! When I applied the information I was given was that the grade was based on the final dissertation. During the time I was doing the MA this changed and the grade was based on the average of all the modules. However, the university didn't actually inform me of the change and I was still using the obsolete handbook! I actually had two modules with low (but passing) grades due to a bereavement and a bad accident that left me partially disabled. I didn't ask for my circumstances to be taken into account because I thought I would just have to pass. I don't think it is always right to sue but universities must also accept that they have responsibilities to their (paying) students.

My PhD submission or my baby...which will come first?

Don't push yourself too much though - you will need energy for when the baby arrives! Having said that, I wish I had done a bit more when I was pregnant because I have done nothing since their arrival! :$

god parenting: gift(s)?

As a mum to 3 kids I don't really like the bank account idea - we haven't opened them as the interest rate is so low at the moment. It is better to put money into bonds but that isn't any good for a present. I would prefer; a lovely teddy bear, ( or dolls house, doll whatever) but a good quality traditional toy that will last for years. Or you could buy something like a box set of books by a children's author you love - I would love the Roald Dahl box set - that is something to treasure AND something that would be used. Something like these:



If you want something a little more "quirky" how about vintage ladybird books? My local Oxfam book shop sells them and they make great gifts - choose a few titles and tie them up together?

Handling those who dont understand

I get these sort of comments too but usually from people that have no idea what a PhD entails and just see it as something I do in my "spare time". Actually when I started I only had one child (and a bit of spare time) - now I have three children including two baby twins and spare time is like gold dust. Never mind anyone else - if I actually ever finish I will be bloody proud of myself!!! Having said that, before starting I didn't really know quite how hard a PhD was so I can't really criticise others for not realising!

Can dating and postgraduate studying ever really mix properly?!

I agree with the others - doing a Phd doesn't have to take up ALL your time. It really scares me when people post that as I have to fit mine in with running a household and looking after three children - people assure me it can be done so seeing your boyfriend a couple of times a week sounds a doddle!

the film review thread

I saw SATC2 last night and it was dire. Just sad that I can't get those 2 1/2 hours back again. :-( I would have walked out but I was there with friends.

Do you have experience with kids?

Sorry but as a mum I have to agree with the others! It's not a case of bad behaviour but really kids that age are full of energy and want to use it! I have three children in a flat and I would love to have a garden but unfortunately we don't - that doesn't mean that my son (my other two are too little!) has less energy to burn off though and on rainy days we stay in and annoy the neighbours! That said, I think it is reasonable for the child to wear slippers in doors (I insist on this although my upstairs neighbours who are "grown ups" and should know better don't and it drives me loopy so you have my sympathy!) FYI a 17 month old wouldn't fit in a moses basket. ;-)

8-10 years of being poor college student

I agree - I worked for ten years before enrolling and didn't have much money then either! The people I know who are really rich are all the ones that left school after GCSEs /A levels and bought property or they married money. None of my uni friends have much financially!

maternity leave - how much?

Thanks - I'll check what the policy is before suggesting it! MumPhDstudent - congratulations on your daughter and latest pregnancy - glad to hear it is going well! I feel like I am only just getting into the swing of looking after the babies now (yes, they are twins!) as the first few months were a daze and I want a little longer to enjoy them.

maternity leave - how much?

Hi everyone. Haven't been on here for ages! I have been off on maternity leave and am due to go back in September (a whole year off although I gave birth in January I had time off before as I had a difficult pregnancy). I am thinking though that I would really like more time off to spend with them so am thinking of waiting another 4 months. Has anyone else been on maternity leave for that long? I don't want to seem unprofessional but on the other hand I really want more time at home with my babies. Thanks.