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PhD and distance learning

Hi - I am sort of distance learning. I keep in touch with emails and Skype but I have also attended for a few months too. I think you need to discuss it with your potential supervisor to see if it is workable!

Transcribing interviews - it takes ages!

Thanks but they aren't in English.

data - plural or singular?

I agree with these guys:

I think it has become acceptable to use it as an uncountable noun.

Transcribing interviews - it takes ages!

Thanks guys - actually I am already using soundscriber that does the same sort of thing - I guess I am just really slow!

Transcribing interviews - it takes ages!

Not much point to this post really - just a moan. I have just started transcribing interviews and it has taken me all morning to do about ten minutes! I expect to have at least 30 hours to transcribe :$ Please someone tell me that you get quicker with practice!

Supervisor/Supervisee Relationship- What's Appropriate?

Yes, in my opinion this is inappropriate behaviour.
For what it's worth:
- going for a drink with supervisor - OK
- getting drunk with supervisor - no
- talking about life in general - ok
- talking about sex - no
- telling him to F- off (even for fun), calling names - no, very unprofessional for both of you

I don't see my supervisor as a "god-like figure" but I do respect him and although I would say I get on well with him I would not want to be "close". I think you need to back off. Ask yourself if you would be happy doing exactly what you are doing if other professors (or indeed his wife) were present. No? Then you have your answer.

Staying Awake!

I posted this on another thread but if I am at home - I have a nap! Just a short one mind....make sure you set the alarm or you might wake up and find you've slept the best part of the day away! I can't help with the library though.

How do you structure you working day?

One other thing - I only have the computer on if I actually need it for work, otherwise I get sucked into the internet vortex.

How do you structure you working day?

I work from home and have my own place to study. Sometimes I go into the library at the local university to work (not the university where I am studying!) otherwise I am at home. Here is my (quite flexible!) schedule:
8.30 take son to school
8.45 start work (or half an hour later if I go for a cappuccino with a friend!)

*write out everything I hope to achieve today*
do above tasks in bursts of about 45 minutes (sometimes I have to set a timer to sit down that long, other times I work through if it is something that really grabs me) followed by a 15 minute break or 15 minute piano practise or 15 minute housework "break"

Repeat until lunchtime!
13.00 Lunch (30 minutes)
Start working again ...with 15 minute breaks / housework every 45 minutes to an hour!

I get really sleepy round about 2.30 so I have just started having a 1/2 hour nap at that time - I then find I can produce a lot more in the afternoon.

4.30 pick up son from school

Written down I sound like a bit of a slacker 8-) but actually since I have been doing this rather than trying to work continuously all day I have got so much more done -and I have a cleaner house!

I also want to start going swimming twice a week but not sure if I can fit it in as I am really tied to the school opening hours and can't really work in the evening.

A PhD mutt that has strayed...

I agree (as usual!) with Smilodon! I would be in exactly the same situation (except I don't live in Bath!) if it wasn't for my great supervisor pestering me to do things ;-)

Current PhD students - I have lots of questions for you!

1. I work at home most of the time (as my home is in a different country to the uni!) but I go into uni regularly for a few months at a time. I find it difficult to work there as the study room is next to a film studies class and you can tell exactly what they are watching (in fact you can hear every word - last time it was Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs followed by Psycho :-s ) so I prefer to study at home anyway.
2. Sort of full time but at odd hours around child care!
3. Don't have them - yippee! Have been a teacher for the last 12 years - am enjoying the break.
4. It has changed a lot - I am amazed they took me on as when I reread my proposal it is obvious that I don't know what I am talking about!
5. n/a

Happy (anti) Valentines Day to all believers and non believers!

I had a lovely lunch out with my husband - although our son was there too so not that romantic! To all those who are feeling the Valentine blues - hang in there! I didn't have a single Valentine for the whole of my twenties (not that I was single the whole time - had some real loser boyfriends during that time too, lucky me!) I met my husband just after Valentine's day when I was 29 and things have been a lot better on February 14th ever since. ;-)

Business cards?

Do you have any business cards with your name/phone/email on? I'm thinking these could be useful as I am talking to quite a few people and they might need to contact me later. If so, did you print them yourself/have your university logo on them. I am also thinking of getting a separate mobile number for people to contact me on just in case I get any unwanted calls. Any thoughts welcome.

Quitting Question

Hi - I am being funded by the company I work for and if I give up (or fail eek!) I have to pay it all back - does sound like I'm in the minority though. Good luck!


You might find that your university has a writing coach who can help you go through your work and correct any frequent mistakes. As an English teacher I can tell you that the most frequent mistakes I come across are;
- confusion between their/there and its/it's (Don't always trust what you read online - the wrong use of "it's" is EVERYWHERE on the internet now!)
- problems with countable and uncountable nouns
- punctuation problems - especially with commas

Hope that helps a bit.