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Hi all,

I'd like to compare job search strategies with you guys, just to get a feel for how other people are handling this. Basically, I'm almost at the end of my PhD. Write up is going - well, it's going...
Anyways, have to find some sort of job for after my funding runs out, so I've been applying to loads of research assistant/worker, lab manager, etc posts, just so as not to be homeless once I'm finished. Success has been mixed so far, to say the least...for some applications, the deadline has just passed, so waiting to hear back from those still. I had two interviews so far, one of which was almost two weeks ago and I haven't heard at all, and they didn't seem enthusiastic, so I'm guessing that's a no. The other interview went well, got the offer, but it would involve a pretty big move and would be a bit of a gamble. Still, better than living in a cardboard box.

Since it's going to be a while till I hear back from the jobs for which the deadlines have just passed, I accepted the offer I got - I figure if nothing else comes up, I'll take it, and if something comes along, I can always change my mind (haven't signed anything so far).

Is this really awful of me? How are other people handling this tightrope of waiting to hear back/deciding about offers? Have others accepted and then declined? Is this more common than I think it is?

A job inappropriate for a PhD?

I am currently in a similar situation - about to (hopefully!) finish my phd, but no jobs on the horizon. My criteria for evaluating job offers are now down to the following:

1) You get money
2) It is not prostitution

So I say go for it! Nobody has to know...