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Anyone doing Psychology/Education?

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Quote From bewildered:

Do you need the actual book or just the taxonomy itself?l

The actual book would be the best thing for me really : (

Anyone doing Psychology/Education?

Anyone doing Psychology/Education? By any chance, do you have access to:
Bloom, B.S., et al, Taxonomy of Educational Objectives: Handbook I: Cognitive Domain,
Longmans, Green and Company, 1956.

Hopefully someone has

Will you do TA for this amount of money?

Quote From Dalmation:

It's not much money, so it really depends upon how much you need. Do you have other stipend or grant money coming in? If not, are the TA hours flexible and/or leave enough room to earn money doing something else? Also, is a TA position something that will help your CV? Will you get to teach some classes, or will you be spending a lot of time photocopying?

Not really. I'm not sure about the TA hours; need to check with the school. I think it will! According to the jobs specs, the only job that I would be doing is teaching.

Thanks for the reply : )

Will you do TA for this amount of money?

So there's this teaching assistant position available and it will pay $30 per hour. But, you can only work maximum 5 hours per week. So that means $30 * 5 * 4 = $600.

Would you do it?

Giving Up My PhD

Hi Anz07.

Could I suggest taking a 1 - 2 week long break? Maybe you're just exhausted? Exercising could help as well; doing cardio refreshes my mind and gives me some new ideas as well :D

How about your supervisor; have you talked to them about this? Are they approachable?

Citing people's work - am I doing it wrongly?

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I'm not sure if I'm doing this correctly; lets say that I have this paper talking about X. Although X does overlap with my research work, I'm only interested with a tiny amount of what they are mentioning, and that tiny amount of material is not the real theme of X; lets call it a.1. The real topic of X would be X.1, X.2, X.3, etc

Can I cite a.1 and mention something like this,
"According to [X], a.1 ... "

Would this be ok? I'm worried that some people will say; "NO! X did not say that, the whole idea of the paper is X1, X2 and X3. You have to look at the paper as bla bla bla".

Would I face such things? :-(

PhD issue in the final year

Alright, first of all, who are 'they'? Who are the people who told you to do this? Could you clarify? Is it part of your PhD research objective to modify the software? What did your Prof. say about the matter?

PhD issue in the final year

Well, from what you've stated, I think you have a wealth of information. You could compare those software and highlight their weaknesses?

Academic bullying

Quote From Dalmation:

It's not just PhD students. I've observed this among professors as well.

Really? :O


How hard is it to publish a paper?

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Well, I'm in the midst of writing a paper for publication and I was just wondering, how hard is it to send and publish a research paper for conferences or journals?

I'm at the moment struggling to write the paper as I have still A LOT of reading, summarizing and comparing to do, and I would think this is normal? Or I'm just doing it wrongly :/

Journal article submission

Quote From sneaks:

I think its quite common for you to get a second R&R from a journal, so you get another chance. BUt I've heard people get 2 R&Rs and then a rejection which must be extremely annoying, particularly if you'd revised it specifically for the way the journal wanted it which may not be relevant to other journals.

wow; that can happen?

I'm waiting for my paper to be published; the place that I sent stated that they would notify me on X date, and it has been weeks now and no notifications :/

Conference presentation: to present or not present

How does one present at a conference? Is it just in front of a small group of people or in front of hundreds of people?

Sorry; I'm still a noob at this :/

Help! Similar PhD topics at different unis

Quote From Caterpillar83:

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Hi, I recently found out that somebody at a different university is doing a PhD on a topic related to mine and am worried about originality in my work as there is potentially some overlap.

My supervisor suggests contacting the other student to find out exactly what they’re up to and perhaps being able to help each other and work around each other';s topics. On the other hand I am thinking it might be best to just work independently.

I';d really appreciate any thoughts on what would be the best thing to do. Thanks :)

Surely there's nothing wrong with overlaps?

@Tim; Man I'm sorry to hear that; if only you and I were in the same labs, we would have been great sidekicks! lol. What area were you working on?

My supervisor wants to get to know me

Thanks everyone for the replies!

@Emma8704: lol, I think, I have somewhat of the same situation.

@Larrydavid: I completely agree Larry. They are humans too and I think I'm lucky to have a Sup that wants to get to know me better. But, I am, a rather private person; I tend to keep things to myself. The only time I know that I would share personal stuff is when I know it is not really important to keep it personally or something that I would like to share.

@Dalmation: Yes, I am somewhat of a private person really.

@Lughna: *high five*

@Screamingaddabs: I have learned from past experience that it's better to keep certain things to myself. I can discuss work and the problems that I'm facing, but not about personal lives. I don't know; it's just me I guess.

@Skig: Maybe I'm just being paranoid lol.

But thanks everyone for the kind replies : )

My supervisor wants to get to know me

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So it has been almost a year now doing my PhD and I have been very discreet about my personal stuff to my supervisor;;; I just want to be professional and keep it that way. But during one of the discussions, the supervisor asked me to tell more about myself since he doesn't really know me other than me 'as a research student' and 'my work' - so it seems I'm all work to him lol.

I did tell the supervisor about me and slightly about my background (what I do during my spare time, random family stuff, etc) and the 'manner of my speech' (he found me to have a slight accent lol), he asked me more but I declined, but he joked not to worry and he's not judging.

Would this be a good sign? Any tips or advice is appreciated.