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Flogging a Dead Horse

Owh, God...

Now I'm getting worried : (

Any example of a nonacademic writing?

Who should be paying for paper submission (conference)

Quote From Mackem_Beefy:
Corresponding author pays then reclaims from the University if funded.

I would double-check with your finance department.

Ian (Mackem_Beefy)

Problem is, both of my supervisors and I are corresponding authors; however there are two more authors but they are not corresponding authors.
Do they have to pay too?

Who should be paying for paper submission (conference)

If I were the first author and my supervisor is the second, who should be paying for the registration of a paper for conference?

Should I pay the full amount or should my supervisor and I split the fees equally?

Flogging a Dead Horse

Quote From Louise123:
but I've been told I don't write in an academic way and I'm not engaging with theory and methodology, which is a major problem for a literary thesis. As it stands the work that I've done isn't up to standard for a PhD and probably not for an MPhil.

Hi Louise123,

I'm sorry to hear of your troubles. *hugs*
Could you make the quoted part more specific? What do they actually mean that you don't write in an academic way and not engaging with theory and methodology?

Also, the part that states it's not up to the standard of a PhD; is it because you didn't cite the relevant texts, etc?

How to deal with a supervisor that wants their supervisor to be submissive?

Submissive, in terms of, the supervisor wants you to do/obey as being told?
Has anyone experience this?

Ownership of a paper - opinions.

Ah, I have another constraint; what if the project is workable only if you use the supervisor's grant or use his facilities?

Ownership of a paper - opinions.

Quote From pixie:
This is similar to what I have recently done. The first paper, due to be submitted soon, has me as first author and my supervisor as second author. There is also a 3rd author on mine who is the person who created the computer model I used. he had no real input but as he is one of the 'big names' in my field my supervisor said it would help my paper to get noticed. I wrote the entire paper, ran all the experiments and did all the analysis with guidance from my supervisor, he suggested some ideas and a few changes to the wording of the paper.

With regards to the second paper you should be first author with sup as 2nd author if appropriate. I don't know what field you are in but I am in science and this is how it would work for me as it is rare to be sole author on a scientific paper.

Was the first paper proposed by the supervisor?

I'm in science too!

I had this idea that whoever created the idea should be the first author if even they didn't even do a scratch of the written work or experiment; am I wrong?

First publication

Quote From HaloChanter:
Hi all,

Just had the official notification from the journal that my first ever submitted paper has been accepted for publication! The whole process has taken about a year, and I was originally asked to revise and resubmit about 6 months ago. Just wanted to share as often we all moan about the negatives of PhD life, rarely the positives!

I'm high as a kite at the moment!


omg, congratulations!

It took me 1/2 year for my conference proceeding to be accepted (not including the corrections that I had to do)!
I've nooo idea what it's going to be like for a journal publication!

Ownership of a paper - opinions.

Assuming that your supervisor proposed this research idea and you agreed to do the research for them.
(1)You wrote 80-90% of the paper and performed the experiments.
Of course you discussed with the supervisor as you went along, but you conducted the experiment and wrote the paper on your own.

Who should be the first author of the paper?

(2)After that paper, you got this idea to extend the initial idea; you conducted another experiment and wrote another paper on your own.

Who should be the first author of the paper?

Is the supervisor expected to check the candidate's work? e.g. typos, correct citations, etc.

Quote From BilboBaggins:
It's ultimately your responsibilty. It's your PhD, and you have more time available to spend on this than a busy supervisor.

Don't stress over small errors though. They can be easily and quickly fixed post-viva. And small errors aren't enough for a fail.

After submission people always spot masses of them and go into a major panic! Needlessly.

I see. So, I don't have to feel bad that my supervisor is not checking my work then.

For the second one, I mean for published work, as in conferences and journals.

Is the supervisor expected to check the candidate's work? e.g. typos, correct citations, etc.

Or is it the sole responsibility of the PhD candidate?

Also, do you have this constant fear that you may have cited the wrong things? Or paraphrased it wrongly : (
What would happen if we did that?; I mean paraphrased or cited wrongly.

"Cited wrongly" can mean two things:
(1)You put the numbering wrong e.g. instead of [11], you put [1].
(2)Or you've paraphrased it wrongly.

: (

How many papers are you expected to publish for a PhD programme?

If we don't "publish", how do we proof the validity of our work? In my mind, if I could at least publish the work(s) in a peer-reviewed conference proceedings, then I may be able to convince the examiner that the work has "some" validity (may not be true of course).

Also, I heard these days that a publication in a conference proceeding may be equivalent in prestige as a journal publication?

*This is probably a daft question; if the paper is accepted in a conference, would it be automatically accepted in the conference proceeding?

How many papers are you expected to publish for a PhD programme?

Quote From Smoobles:
At my uni there was no expected number of publications that you HAD to have to get your PhD (this is in the sciences). However, it was sort of expected that you would at least try and get one paper published in a peer-reviewed journal (or at least submitted to a journal) before the end of your PhD.
There are a few reasons for this:
1) It makes your viva easier - some of your work has already been peer-reviewed, so your examiner doesn't need to review it a second time (in theory!)
2) Work that is of a good enough standard for a PhD is good enough to be published - therefore why not publish it? If you get published early on in your PhD, there is some of the hard work done for your thesis already. I simply rewrote my published paper for a chapter in my thesis and put at the end "also published in XXX journal 2012".

Quote From Frisbee:
Hey tt_dan,
There's no magic formula that universities/employers look for, just do the best you can. In my field (sciences), 1 paper is good, 2 is excellent. More than the number, however, it's the quality of journal you are published in... 1 high impact journal paper may be better than 4 in low impact journals for example. I agree with Smoobles- published papers make life easier in your viva (supposedly) and show your work is the required standard and national and international conference proceedings also look good. That said, I know PhD students with excellent theses which had no time to publish and they had no problems in their viva. My advice would be to relax, don't worry about perfect publication numbers and do your best. This will be reflected in your viva.

Thanks : )

How about peer-reviewed conference proceedings? Would that be ok too?

How many papers are you expected to publish for a PhD programme?

Is there a number? I'm wondering if the university or future employers would have any expectation of number of publications : [
would the bellow matter:
National conference proceeding.
International conference proceeding.
Must it be peer reviewed.

Supervisor presenting my paper at conference? - Help

Quote From taka:
It depends on the contribution made by a supervisor to claim a joint author. In my case I have taken my own initiative to present conference papers. The worst scenario was when my second supervisor repackaged my PhD thesis, changed the references, and has published an article based on my thesis and he is also going to publish a book. He has been replaced but the problem with me is with regard to my claim about the original contribution of my thesis.

Hi taka,

omg, what a horrible supervisor! how did you manage to remove him? : (