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Dispute of authorship: experience and stories.

Have you been or seen this sort of issue before whilst doing your PhD?; the authors of a paper were in a situation such as:
(1)the arrangement of the authors cannot be agreed, so there were conflicts going on.
(2)the first author should be X, but Y got it; again conflicts arised.
(3)X didn't get authorship but did most of the work; same as above.
(4)anything you've seen or experience.

How was it solved and how would you handle it if you were in the situation?

Has anyone done a video presentation for a conference?

To be honest, the replies made me really sad :' (

A few of my papers have been accepted but I can't go due to limited funding :' ( My supervisor said he has the grant ,but suddenly after a few weeks or months after the paper(s) was accepted, he said that the grant can't be used for the conferences or the place is just too far away (i.e. too expensive).
In my view, he should have told me earlier if his grant can't afford paying for the conferences since I've sent the paper to him months in advance...

I wanted to borrow money from some of my friends but I'm terrified of getting into debt and not being able to pay them.

I understand what you all are saying about networking and all (and that was the plan actually; to send the paper so that I can get more ideas) but due to my circumstances, I couldn't present the paper :' (

Has anyone done a video presentation for a conference?

Something came to my mind just now; assume that a candidate has 8 conference proceedings and she only presented 1 or 2 of them; the rest were presented by the co-author(s) or not presented at all; would this look bad to the candidate?

Supervisor badmouthing me - help

Quote From DrCorinne:
I wouldn't be surprised if their wonderful friendship would vanish when you finish your PhD...

What made you say that?

Has anyone done a video presentation for a conference?

I don't think I'd be able to make my presentation at this particular conference and I was thinking to do a video presentation. Has anyone done anything of the sort?

Do you think I should mention that I'm doing a PhD?

Quote From DrJeckyll:
In my department you are allowed to work maximum of 20 hours per week.
Also ask permission from your supervisors.
(In my case it was like:
" I was offered a job..."
sup "NO"
*end of discussion*)
And yes, you should be honest. Employers run internet checks and your name will pop-up.


Were you offered a job during your PhD time?

I really need the money so I've no idea how to go about this : /

Do you think I should mention that I'm doing a PhD?

I'm applying for some part time job (technical) and I'm wondering if I should put on my CV that I'm a PhD candidate; should I?

I'm worried that I might put them off! : (

Which word-processing software do you recommend for writing the thesis?

Quote From GeneNat:
Dear all,

I used MS-word to write my Masters dissertation project and I had a lot of problems with adjusting the figures. Do you all have better options? I've heard of Latex and Lyx (basically a user-friendly version of the former from what I've heard). Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance! :)

I've the same problem too! I think I'll try Lyx; it looks appealing! Do you think it supports various citation formats e.g. APA, ACM, IEEE, etc?

What other skills do I have (in case something happen to the PhD)

lol. that's s good one meaningoflife, and that's actually a good idea! I've completely forgotten the "how to present or "sell" yourself for job appointments! ah... living in the academic bubble.

thank you wowzer. yes, looking back, I did have some working experience; I did some system development (research level)and am still a research assistant. I think that wouldn't leave any gap in the CV.

What other skills do I have (in case something happen to the PhD)

I was wondering, if something were to happen along the way, what kind of skills (out of the PhD) do I have in order to get a normal job other than research skills : /
I've read a lot of things about the PhD journey and I would rather get ready for the worst.

I've been out from my own industrial sector for 2 years now (IT) and have no idea if any employees would be interested with me : /

PhD and Depression

Quote From IntoTheSpiral:


I'm very sorry to hear of your situation OP : (

Would it be possible to get a longer break, say a few more weeks and see if you can regain your strength?

For the funding, is it possible to fund yourself? Which year are you in at the moment?

How I completed my PhD in 7 months!

Quote From Mackem_Beefy:
Quote From tt_dan:
it should be "nonsignificant".

Sorry Dan, it should be either "non-significant" or "insignificant".

If you're prefixing "non-" on the the beginning of a work to negate it, it is usually followed by and attached to the following word by a hypen. English bening English, there are always exceptions.

Ian (Mackem_Beefy)

According to IEEE; "The prefix “non” is not a word; it should be joined to the word it modifies, usually without a hyphen."

Does it look bad for the supervisor if the PG student drops out from the programme?

I'm asking this in a general sense; does it look bad for the supervisor if the PG student, especially the PhD student drops out from the programme?

Dropping out reasons I can think of at the moment are:
1)No funds
2)Poor supervision/No direction
3)Personal issues
4)Supervision conflict

You can add in any reason if you like.

How I completed my PhD in 7 months!

it should be "nonsignificant".

'Informal enquiries' for job - not sure what they're thinking

Hello Igorina,

I think it's a good idea to have an informal inquiry with a potential project/supervisor; at least you can see whether you like the supervisor in person!

In my opinion, you can ask them anything you believe is best for you (I would). Come with a mind setting where you want something that's best for you, not for them.

I don't think you have to worry about being artificial; it's after all "informal".