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The spell check doesn't work. It keeps saying there's an error in rapidspell and then says there's no mistakes even if there are.

Should I do another master degree?

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Hi I already have a BSc and an MSc and work in my field. But my site will close and although I sent off lots of applications for other positions and have the relevant experience and knowledge, I've heard nothing back yet, which is rather disheartening. The job market has been hit hard by the credit cunch, I was thinking of waiting it out studying. So I'm thinking of doing another master degree, maybe a Mres or is a different aspect of biology. I don't have the funds, so I would have to apply for funding, which I have no experience of and assume would be a lengthy process. Should I got for it? I might be out of work in a few months time and don't want to remain umemployed.

Competitive 'friends'

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I found this in my first degree and even more during my masters. It's one thing to talk about achievements, but it's often the way they say it which comes across as pompous. And they'll bring it up when it's relevant to the conversation. Actually one person who I thought was a friend but radically changed after she did a studentship (how sad is that? I did one too and I didn't become a complete snob) reminded me of Andy Pipkins because she always replied with "yeah I know" after every little thing I said. Look at it this way...when things don't go well for these people, the comedown is much worse for them, because they have no self-esteem to fall back on. :-)

masters motivation

Quote From walminskipeasucker:

Hiya, Robgreenacre.  It may be boring but at least you find it 'too easy', so just knuckle down and get it done. What is it?  One year? That's all.  And better still Robgreenacre - it's got distinction written all over it for you by the sounds of it. A Masters @ distinction for £6000 - now that's good value!  You can do a PhD or whatever after and they'll snap you up. Good luck with it all.

BTW, sorry about the multiple posts - my browser doesn't like this site.

Most master degrees are far cheaper than that and one year is a long time, having done a master degree myself I can tell you it doesn't just fly pass. My course was like a 3 year degree condensed into a single year and so was very intense. I'd hate to have wasted the year. When I apply for jobs and PhDs and have interviews I have to stress how great my masters was in providing me relevant background, it won't look good if the stuff covered isn't on a much higher level than that of an undergrad. To the OP, is it not possible to get a refund, as you only just started the course and you can argue you have a good reason to leave and ask for the money back as it certainly sounds like you have been ripped off!

Entrance requirements

Quote From trothrestron:

Postgrad study isn't funded in the same way as undergrad so you wouldn't be entitled to funding through Sudent Finance Firect I'm afraid. Many postgrads rely on savings or work part time. You could also look into getting a career development loan (which most banks offer I think) or taking the course part time. Other than that as the previous reply said it is possible to funding though a body like the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) or the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) (depending on your discipline), but these are competitive and normally linked to a PhD track masters (i.e. 1+3).
I took out a career development loans, only 3 banks offer it: Coop, Royal bank of Scotland and Barclays.

University Ranking Tables

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Quote From missspacey:

For the NSS try this:


Remember students are 'urged' to give positive feedback.
The dept I was at for my first degree got 5/5 for this but that wasn't my experience at all!

'I am bored' thread

I find actual microbes endearing.... :$

Should I apply to academia?

That's what maternity leave is for. It's against the law to discriminate against people who need time off to have children.

A deferred project, A late M.Sc

Doesn't hurt to apply.

Argument with supervisor

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Why do you need your supervisor's permission to go to a conference?

Working in an unhappy environment

So many people in academia are completely up themselves. It affects people differently, some cope with it, but it obviously had got too much for you. I advise you speak to someone in the student union about this, which is what I did when I was bullied by my BSc dissertation supervisor, and I ended up complaining. I can understand that as you still work for them you probably don't think it'll be a good idea to complain but they might give you advise, like maybe on changing supervisor? It's a tricky situation if you want to continue the PhD (I complained after I finished my project).

First-year review

Quote From spiegboy:

Thank you. I wrote a 100 page of report, covering all the necessary contents of a PhD thesis, coz i have already finished most of phd work in the first year.
What is this viva like?
You sure about that? My MSc thesis was 98 pages long for a 2 month project.

advise pls

Speak to your advisor about this. For my MSc dissertation all the projects were set and I had to choose the 3 I most wanted to do.

'I am bored' thread

Check out failblog.org

404 that's the scariest bit. :P

University Ranking Tables

There are no rankings for postgrad studies, the nearest is to check where the uni is ranked in terms of subject, although it's not accurate it's a rough estimate.