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Applying to more than one uni

How many you think your referees can handle.

Feeling completely deflated

Do you feel there is a lack of guidance on what you should be doing?

Feeling completely deflated

Would I right in saying this PhD doesn't interest you? If so then maybe this project isn't for you.

I hate you so much right now - ahhhhhhhhhh!

Like Rosy said taking a break can really clear your mind.

PGF on Facebook

I joined but it's dead quiet. :/

The Facebook-esque post your current status thread

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Verypoor is no longer an unemployed bum.

'I am bored' thread

Those toys make me want to cry. :-(

'I am bored' thread

I am considering whether or not to start a thread asking for advice when applying to PhD places.

How to start out well with Supervisor ?

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Talk to him like anyone else but with a little more respect for authority. Question him on anything you're don't agree with and explain your different points of view. It's all about staying diplomatic while not being a quiet doormat.

Offered a phd - should I take it?

Why not search this site (which is the whole point of it) and then you'll see if there's anything that interests you more.

Tips List

Remember if you don't work hard...you'll fail! :p

Accountability Partners - Write your Dissertation in 15 Minutes a Day

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Quote From Anthropologa:

Hi All:

I'm new here, so have patience if this topic has been previously covered.  I'm currently reading (and trying to stick to!) Joan Bolker's "Writing Your Dissertation in Fifteen Minutes a Day."

Everyone knows that 15 minutes a day isn't actually enough - its just the effort to work consistently as part of an everyday routine that matters. I am really struggling to hold myself accountable, and I thought I might reach out in order to find support - and support others.

It would be great to find and connect with other people also trying to work daily on their dissertations, in order to provide some online accountability.  Basically, I am looking for a fellow ABD who is willing to check in with me 5 X a week (every weekday) around the progress of my writing. I vow to be completely honest with them (and myself) about where I am and how much I'm getting done.  In return, I would do the same for someone who is also struggling to remain consistent with their progress.

It would be great to get a whole group of us together, so that we can really support consistent, honest, everyday progress!

Five times a week? I can understand once but five times? Part of the assessment of writing a thesis is discipline!

Incredibly excited to be starting!

Quote From Ogriv:

Actually, I'm considerably less euphoric now than I was :p

Cos now we have our first assignment to do, and I'm bumping against the current limitations of my critical analysis powers. It's like boot camp for the mind. Oh well, that's what I came here for!

Happy research, everyone! :$
Ha ha I know what you mean! I was so exicted to begin with and it was the most intense year of my life (if you can call it a life). Oh well it was worth it in the end.

professor wants change of study subject

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I think you got to be honest in the most polite way possible. Question him on exactly why he wants the change and how this will affect passing your PhD and if there are any links to your previous research. He may be your supervisor, but you're still the one doing the work and getting your PhD depends on this. Maybe he has a good reason for it, such as the research you have been doing might have not brought up the results he hoped for.

Good luck! 8-)

Btw love the spellcheck feature! (up)

Cancelled Masters - What next?

Only if you are not prepared to move away from Nottingham.

With a 2:2 a taught course which increases your knowledge probably much more than an Mres might be more appealing to PhD supervisors.