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Allow me to introduce myself...


I am new to the forum, and would like to introduce myself.

I am an Albertan in my 3rd year of my PhD in the UK. It will be nice to discuss PhD issues with fellow postgrad students :-)
Share successes, advice and when we are simply feeling low and like giving up.

About to quit after 2.5 years of PhD

Hello, I am new to the forum and share your pain regarding supervision.
I agree 2.5yrs is too much to throw away. There are steps to be taken that you can request another supervisor, especially if this is what you really want to do in life. Don't let them get in the way of your success. Its YOUR project, so find another supervisor. Or get another one on board who is more helpful.

I feel my supervisor lacks interest as well. So I have had to work many things out on my own. The lack of communication has also cost me funding money in addition to wasted time. However, I also felt like giving up. I pulled through, worked hard and moved forward on my own. I know at the end of it, I did it with minimal guidance. I am in my 3rd year now. My official finishing date is Oct 2014, with the write up year taking me into 2015. Dont get me wrong, I desperately want it to be over lol But sheer determination is what makes me so motivated

Good luck! let us know what happens

ps I am an Albertan studying in the UK