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Final year support thread

Based on my preliminary findings and experiments, I submitted a research proposal to my supervisor last week. I anxiously wonder if he will give the green light to do the final experiments.

Training in PhD

You can try it to see if you are capable of getting a PhD.
Basically, you learn everything on your own. Professors can provide guidance and the question of whether you will be able to get a PhD depends on your ability only.

Am I going to achieve my goals?

Nobody is stopping me from associeteship in associateship.
It is PhD work with constant failures that makes me feel pessimistic and doubt about everything.

Am I going to achieve my goals?

In September, I will be a second-year PhD(Operations Management) student.
I wrote up a proposal. However, when implementing the model, I made a couple of mistakes. The results are unclear. Am I going to finish?
When getting an MPhil degree(the same supervisor), I fulfilled 8 out of 12 requirements for associatship in Society of Actuaries because my supervisor(for RA) and other professor(for TA) requires me to have equivalent amount of knowledge for teaching and research. Will I be able to finish associateship?

I know it sounds trivial but it is very important to me.
For some reason, I panicked.