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Small conference now or big conference later?


So, I have some work from my Honours year (CS stuff in heuristic search) that I've extended over the past 6 months and turned into a conference paper. I've been accepted to a workshop and the reviews so far have been great.

So, I'm wondering where to next.
There is a small(ish) conference coming up that seems like a good fit for my work. Apparently it's a Tier 2 conference (I'm told this is OK) and I'm tempted to submit there because there's a great keynote speaker this year who did some stuff a few years ago that influenced my work quite a bit.

Then again, some local profs have told me I should aim as high as possible and get my work as widely read as I can. There are some big Tier 1 CS conferences with deadlines from October - January but I wouldn't be able to present my work until mid 2009 (assuming I get accepted).

It's all rather confusing. I want to be rid of this thing but I don't want to feel like I'm throw away all my effort.

Does anyone have any advice? I think I'm worrying too much :/