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PhD haunted by Third class degree

Quote From Jamie_Wizard:
Oh, that interview sounds like luxury (said as one of the business men in the famous Four Yorkshiremen Monty Python sketch)...

A few years back, when I was training as a hospital pharmacist, I was on clinical rotations and had to observe patients receiving ECT (Electro-Convulsive Therapy) at a Psychiatric hospital.

I arrived early morning, smartly dressed and was sitting in the waiting room reading some related literature. In storms this angry giant wearing scruffy jeans and an old shirt. He looked like one of the Hairy Bikers. I'm 6ft but was sitting, and he looks down at me giving me the dirtiest, angriest look (can't figure out why, other than he thinks I'm a med/pharm student). I then found out he was the consultant in charge of the procedure for the patients that morning!

A bit later I get sent into the operating theatre to meet this consultant and the anaesthetist and male nurse. I step forwards to shake the aforementioned consultants hand and he gets irritated that he already has a coffee cup in his right hand. He steps back and looks at me head to toe and says in a cockney accent "that's a bit fuckin' formal" - reminiscent of a scene from one of those British gangster heist movies. I was gobsmacked, and automatically replied "Not really, handhakes are a convention during introductions in this kind of setting". I then observed the procedures and patients and kept reading related parts of the BNF (British-National Formulary) aka the "Pharmacist's Bible".

The whole thing was surreal enough as it was without his behaviour - the procedure is that they anaesthetise the patients using milk of amnesia (Propofol - a white fluid anaesthetic that was inappropriately prescribed to Michael Jackson), attach electrodes to half or both sides of the patients brain and delivery controlled shocks to precipitate an epileptic fit. They had old fashioned analogue voltmeters and ammeters (with a moving needle). All we needed to set the scene was some lightning bolts, a rumble of thunder, and this psychiatrist weirdo to let out an evil laugh.

lol weird story!
ECT is still used?

Inadequate research ecosystem

Quote From pm133:
You seem to have become bogged down in issues which don't concern you in the slightest, such as the professionalism of your supervisor and fellow PhD students. What business is it of yours if your supervisor is writing a paper for another student?

My strong advice is that you knuckle down and focus on your own work and stop worrying about what other people are or are not doing. Getting your PhD and then getting a permanent academic post is going to be hard enough without all this unnecessary baggage.

Once you get your own career sorted out, you can run your group in whatever way you want.

What pm133 said. And honestly, other students' grammatical mistakes and publications are none of your business. It's not your job to judge them. You are just a student like them. I'd suggest you focus on your work.

Interpreting regression / anova output in R (categorical IVs with more than 2 levels)

You are really a nice person. I always like to read your replies to people. Always helpful. I wish I could help you but I'm really rubbish with stats. I hope you find the help you need.

Am I an Experienced Researcher?


urgent help needed: forced gradute with a MPhil but not PhD

I'm so happy for you.

Feeling anxious about handing PhD work in late

I would not worry. I would tell my supervisor and explain my situation, he might be able to help.

applying for Academic positions

Hello everyone!

I will submit my PhD dissertation (linguistics) at the end of this year. So, I am thinking about I should do next. I have two years experience, in my country, teaching linguistic subjects to undergraduates. I do not know what kind of positions I should apply for? What do you think?

Stuck in Research

I always email other professors from other unis or even countries and ask them to clarify things. |They are always helpful and send me unpublished papers. I tell my supervisor or show him the emails. He's okay with it. Why would not he? It is my project. But you know your supervisor, if you think they would be offended, tell them first.

Question about publication

Thank you, Tudor_Queen and rewt, for your replies. Yes, I study linguistics. I do not think I have to add his name. I mentioned to him that I was planning to publish a paper and he never asked me to add his name. I do not know if it's a good idea to add his name as he is very successful in our field or not.

Question about publication

Hi all, I hope you are keeping well and safe.

I'm in my final year and I'm planning to publish part of my results. Question is can I ask my supervisor to be a co-author?

He's well know in my field so I though adding his name would add more credibility to me. Am I right to think that way and can I ask him? I'm afraid he'd refuse because my study or my findings or my writing is not good enough (paranoid, I know).

PhD writing advice

Quote From Phd2020:
Don’t be hard on your self. MS might impact on your whole life and this is something out of your control. As they said try to break tasks and dont exhaust your self. My sister is a neurologist specialized in Ms and she always talk about her patients professional success so you can do it.

Thank you and good luck with your VIVA.

PhD writing advice


Thank you, all, for your advice. I ended up being diagnosed with MS. I suffered from cognitive fog and I felt like a failure because I just could not think. I got a chance to finish my phd. I'm still working and I followed your advice of breaking down my tasks.

PhD writing advice

Hi everyone,
I am new here. I am a phd student in my final year. I have extended for the second time. I have to submit in November, I do not know if anyone have the same issue or is it just me. Every time I wake up with the intention to do some work I free I literally free and I do not want to do anything. I know what I should do it it not easy but it is pretty straightforward but I do not why I panic and I feel like a total loser. any advice?