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Fork in the road - find work or PhD?

I'm having a nightmare making up my mind, facing the same decision for years. I've always loved science. In my final year of undergrad, while writing my dissertation, I got extremely lonely and depressed. I studied every night to get my work done and shut myself off. At the end of the year my supervisor offered me a PhD but at this point I didn't feel I could face another 3 years at the same university near my home, isolated. I wanted to get out and experience life.

I definitely don't regret that decision, as the 3 years following were the best of my life. I got a job in London in Meteorology and made great friends and plenty of great and crazy memories. It really improved my confidence and I loved the lifestyle - it brought me out of my shell. However, my work soon became unfulfilling and I was sad that I was no longer learning. I wasn't using much of the science I had learnt in my degree.

After a year, I took 15 months out to travel NZ, Australia and SE Asia, and worked in Melbourne. I had another amazing year. After travelling, I came back to London to the same company but I have now been made redundant. I'm now back to square one. I miss learning and the reward of studying but I'm not sure I can handle the 3 years of doing a PhD with no idea what I would do after it. An academic career sounds like a lot of sacrifice for me, along with having little choice over location.

I'm passionate about climate science but the PhDs in this field are mostly in either Cambridge or Exeter, so I'd have to leave London, my boyfriend and friends. I feel like I have to choose between the lifestyle which makes me happy or the career which makes me happy but can't have both. I keep going back and forward over the decision.

Sorry for the rant but I'm driving myself crazy.

PhD after years out of study, too late?

I graduated 3 years ago with a first in Physics and Meteorology. At the time I was considering going straight into a PhD but decided I wanted a break from study and to work first. I have now spent the last 3 years working as a Meteorologist and travelling around the world. I'm now back in the UK and realise my real passion lies in climate research and science but am now worried that I won't be accepted into a PhD because of my years out of study and without a masters. As it's too late to apply for anything this year, I will have to go back to work in forecasting even though it's not what I want to do anymore and feels unrewarding to me.

I don't regret the last 3 years as I've improved my confidence and gained good experience but feel like I'm starting to lose touch with my passion and don't want to feel like I'm wasting my time. Was just looking for some advice as I feel like the only thing I can do now is wait it out until applications open. Do you think this is a reasonable decision or that I will have to go through another year and do a masters?

Thanks for the advice