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Life after resubmission of PhD thesis

I started my PhD and after 8 months, my advisor left the university. The second supervisor left even earlier (5 months). So, I couldn't start my topic as I had to choose one. 13 months of literature review somewhat wasted.
Anyway, I have submitted my thesis, done with mock viva and ready for the final. It took me 4 years and 2 months though. I also haven't published any paper.
My plan is now to prepare for viva, and follow content/pattern of 1-2 papers. Copy material from my thesis and paste it according to the content. That will make a rough sketch of my paper. Also, I am planning to apply for jobs and do PgCHPE. It is important for teaching.

Anyway, you will get confidence when you start teaching or doing the job. To overcome fear, you have to pass through it.

PhD official offer

It may help.
I applied for PhD. Got rejected. I asked my then supervisor to tell me my deficiencies so that I can prepare for future interview. He replied why I didn't get PhD when he gave me high marks during the interview. Then he said wait for a day. Later, he emailed, the HR department will soon send you the offer letter.
So when a Prof select you, you will get the letter sooner or later.