Life after resubmission of PhD thesis


My PhD was one of the most difficult phases - I struggled with a difficult topic, hostile boss, depression, anxiety, severe homesickness. Covid made it all the more difficult. I got major corrections after my PhD viva. I have recently resubmitted. I do not know what the resubmission outcome will be. If I fail after this, how am I ever going to live with that or face friends/family? What happens to the job situation when they know i failed my PhD?

I have been applying for jobs in industry and I have been struggling there too. I have applied to many jobs and got one or two interviews, but not with positive response. Some of my peers have done excellent in their PhD, published multiple papers, got through their viva successfully and then landed a job even before submitting their thesis.

Sometimes I wonder if so much struggle was worth it. I wonder if I am clever enough to actually get a PhD and a job. Hope all of this will be worth it in the end.

Thanks for listening, friends.


After passing my thesis exam with minor corrections, I tried to find a job in industry. Most of the employers do not want to employ me because of overqualifcation in Asia.

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Hi anne_with_an_e,

Congragulations on submitting your corrections! It must be such a relief.
I don't want to be rude but you PASSED your viva with major corrections. Major corrections is not a failure. Revise and resubmit is a failure. Plenty of students who have received majors have went on to have successful careers because at the end, all PhDs are equal. No one cares if you got major corrections or typos, they are both passes. The fact that you have gotten so far despite your significant obstacles is probably more of an achievement than someone who coasted through. I know, it is easy to compare yourself with your peers and base your self worth of that, but in reality passing the viva is the only thing that matters, and you passed it. Also, your resubmission will mostly likely be accepted and then you can move on with your life. I am trying hard not to be rude but you sound so despondent about a situation that is actually positive. You are nearly there so don't snatch defeat from the jaws of victory! Look at this as the successful ending to a difficult chapter in your life and a new beginning to the next.

I can't give you much advice about the job hunt as I am behind you in the process. So I can only wish you goodluck.


I started my PhD and after 8 months, my advisor left the university. The second supervisor left even earlier (5 months). So, I couldn't start my topic as I had to choose one. 13 months of literature review somewhat wasted.
Anyway, I have submitted my thesis, done with mock viva and ready for the final. It took me 4 years and 2 months though. I also haven't published any paper.
My plan is now to prepare for viva, and follow content/pattern of 1-2 papers. Copy material from my thesis and paste it according to the content. That will make a rough sketch of my paper. Also, I am planning to apply for jobs and do PgCHPE. It is important for teaching.

Anyway, you will get confidence when you start teaching or doing the job. To overcome fear, you have to pass through it.