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Thread: SFE Postgrad Loan?

08-Jul-20, 18:14
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by HannahP
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posted about 3 weeks ago
Hi all. Just a quick question about the postgrad loan. I have a university funded scholarship and in the terms and conditions it says "Should financial support from another source become available for the research studies, the University award must be relinquished in favour of the alternative offer." Does this mean that if I apply for the postgrad loan, I will no longer be able to receive the university one? Thanks

Thread: Informal First Meeting

21-May-20, 19:26
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by HannahP
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posted about 3 months ago
Hey guys,

I am once again in need of your advice. I've accepted an offer and will (hopefully) be starting in October. My supervisor contacted me and we've arranged an informal skype next week. However, I have no idea how to prepare for this call. Should I prepare at all? He also mentioned that if I had any questions (about phd life, the area etc.), that would be the best time to ask him but I honestly have no clue. Does anyone have general ideas or suggestions? Hopefully it'll trigger something that I want to ask and applies to me. The phd is in chemistry if that helps any.

I hope that makes sense!! Thanks

Thread: PhD Offer Help!

24-Mar-20, 16:06
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by HannahP
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posted about 5 months ago
Hi all,

So I had an interview for uni A and was not offered the position but came second. I was also interviewing for uni B at the time and was put down as their first choice. However, the I still had to interview for uni B to secure funding, however, the PI said that there was funding in the group available should I not secure it. Then uni A emailed me, saying that the position was still open and they were offering it to me. I was obviously excited but had ruled them out in my mind. Now I don't know what to do? I would be happy with either and both have their pros and cons but uni B comes with a few extra benefits. However, with the current quarantine situation, I don't know what will happen with these interviews now for uni B and if I turn the position down, that's the project done, the PI won't secure funding. So am I holding out as I'm feeling guilty? I was wondering if someone had been in a similar situation and would be able to give some advice as to how they dealt with this situation.

Thread: Application rejected but potential supervisor still wants to meet?

15-Feb-20, 13:53
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by HannahP
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posted about 6 months ago
Hi all.

So I applied for a PhD project with funding from a studentship and about 2 weeks later the potential supervisor contacted me saying I was their first choice and they submitted their ranked list to be processed. Then, I got an email from them the other day saying that I hadn't made it passed the first stage of the application! (Rejected before even having an interview). However, they then say that if I am still interested, they have other opportunities and to let them know so that a visit can be arranged.

I'm obviously very flattered and excited that they like my application that much that they want to meet but what's going on? Any ideas why the studentship rejected my application when I was their first choice? Should I ask potential supervisor? Also, should I assume that the visit will be payed (I'm in NI and the uni is in England so I'll have to fly to visit and I couldn't afford to pay for it currently). If not how do I articulate that? How do I enquire about funding as I definitely can't self fund? Am I overthinking this?

I hope that all makes sense!! I just have no idea what's going on and am in desperate need for some advice!!
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