PhD Offer Help!


Hi all,

So I had an interview for uni A and was not offered the position but came second. I was also interviewing for uni B at the time and was put down as their first choice. However, the I still had to interview for uni B to secure funding, however, the PI said that there was funding in the group available should I not secure it. Then uni A emailed me, saying that the position was still open and they were offering it to me. I was obviously excited but had ruled them out in my mind. Now I don't know what to do? I would be happy with either and both have their pros and cons but uni B comes with a few extra benefits. However, with the current quarantine situation, I don't know what will happen with these interviews now for uni B and if I turn the position down, that's the project done, the PI won't secure funding. So am I holding out as I'm feeling guilty? I was wondering if someone had been in a similar situation and would be able to give some advice as to how they dealt with this situation.


Hello. Just care for yourself. Uni is the strong party and PhD student is the weak. If a group/PI lost some funding, they are going to survive anyway. But for you, you do not get a position everyday and should take what you think is better for you. Nevertheless, if you feel some guilt regarding their loss, this reflects good manners.
Now to facts. Do you have an offer from Uni B or you must still have to do further interviews? If I were you and both have more or less same pros and cons, I would go with the unconditional offer. Otherwise if you have two offers, just trust your gut and do not regret your choice.


Totally agree with Eng and congrats! Try not to turn anything down / withdraw from anything (or give any indication that you will do so) until you really have the other one officially confirmed.


By the way, it is common in academia that a PI likes your CV very much and is very interested but he/she has no fund. When the fund comes, he/she starts to think also about other candidates and just ignores you without a slight sense of guilt.