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I need all the advice I can get

In my experience, university rankings don't really play a major role in post graduation employment.
Oxford and Cambridge are in a class of their own but many other British universities are also well regarded all around the world.
Employers tend to view international education very favourably, maybe because of the diversity between teaching experiences between different institutions in a variety of countries.
Studying in the UK ought to make you more employable not less.

Did you select a course that really appeals to you?
If so, stop worrying and enjoy the opportunity.
If you're feeling out of depth at the prospect of coming to a new area look the place up online so that you can get a taste of what living there will be like.

Congratulations on getting funded. All the best with your PhD.

Development: DPU (UCL) or IDPM (University of Manchester)?

The University of Manchester has a sound reputation within the UK but UCL has a prestigeous international reputation.
In my experience, the cost of living in London is exorbitantly high compared with areas outside London.
Manchester would be cheaper but UCL's reputation has better international standing.
UCL programmes are rigorously academic and somewhat inflexible, but employers do value the brand.

How long to wait for a reply

Don't worry about the delay in getting back to you, generally the longer that your application is considered for the more likely an offer is.
Applicants deemed completely unsuitable are usually dismissed at the early stages so the longer you wait the better your chances.
If the waiting really makes you anxious try to last out as long as early july and then ask if any further details are needed.

Good luck.

What is Business Psychology like?

I went on a taster course organised by the University of London in Autumn 2007. My experience was that the emphasis was on occupational psychology as opposed to business but maybe that's just with the university of london.
The course wasn't to my taste but then sociology and psychology were never areas that particularly interested me.

If you are interested in psychology and don't mind specialising in the subject then a Business Psychology course is probably designed for you.
If you prefer areas of business like accounting or marketing then avoid these sorts of courses at all costs, because sitting through lectures will be really monotonous.


Masters in International Business is a course that employers tend to value, especially those with plans to expand their international operations.

Regents has a prestigeous reputation and a diverse community of students from all over the world but their fees tend to reflect this reputation. Course fees are pricey but I've heard that the quality of teaching is well worth the money, so you get what you pay for.

Help this helps.

Not sure which MSc MBa to do? :(

How about an Msc in Human Resource Development and Consultancy?

Queen Mary or Southampton university

I'm at Queen Mary and I wouldn't advise that anybody else even consider going there. The financial position of the place is really shaky and impacts upon the quality of teaching. The university is taking on more students than it can reasonably accomodate and the result is absolute chaos.
The university of London has a solid reputation but QM is one college that does not reflect the ethos of the University of London.
Try Kings or UCL instead, the position there is much better.

Hope this help.

Looking to a MA in business related field

I am considering studying an MA in a business related subject.
I have a four year full time working history but no undergraduate degree.
I have board level and managerial experience and specialise in Human Resources Management.
Would any universities consider my application or would I be wasting everybody's time by applying for postgraduate?