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Is my topic for the research proposal good?

Hello Jeffery,
Thankyou so much for your reply. Someone taking the time out to answer your question really means a lot. :))

Is my topic for the research proposal good?

Thank you so much for taking the time out for such a detailed review. Its quite insightful.
When I started writing the proposal I think I realised some of the points you mentioned.
I than changed the research question to this:
“Does YouTube advertising have an impact on the buying behaviour of Indian Youtube viewers?”
I plan to get answers through an online questionnaire and than tabulate that information on the basis of demographic characteristics like age , education, gender etc
Further if possible and feasible I plan on preparing a questionnaire for few Indian YouTube creators asking them regarding the factors they consider before putting an ad on their channel (along with the monetary returns)
I really don’t know much about research problems, topics and all. I have no one to guide me though :(
But I thought this would be good topic since India has the highest number of youtube viewers and creators. Also YouTube advertising is becoming quite a THING lately.
And trust me when I say this Indians are quite into YouTube as well..!
I would really appreciate if you would provide a reply to this as well at your convenience.
Thankyou once again:)

Is my topic for the research proposal good?

I am new to this forum. I have my PhD entrance exam next month.If I clear that I will be called in with my research proposal and this is what I have thought about.


I think I will add all the chronicles of YouTube advertising and how Indians fell about it. like through an online questionnaire in my thesis.
I feel I have enough content to write my proposal but I have no one to guide me so I just don't know if this is a good enough topic.
anyone can plzz provide a feedback of what they think about this. or should I reconsider my topic??

any kind of help will be appreciated. thanks :)