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Am I qualified to apply for a PhD?

Don't worry at all about your undergraduate. Most uni's in the UK will look past it if you have performed well in your Masters. If you want to boost your chances before applying, I would say deepen your knowledge in your chosen research area. Do some really focused reading and volunteer with a relevant organisation. If you can show the selection panel passion, focused knowledge, and commitment to researching independently, you will do just fine. The Masters distinction can be used to support and compliment these. In fact, the improvement from undergrad to masters shows your determination and may work in your favour!

I did terribly at undegrad and was overwhelmingly unmotivated throughout - even retook one year. It was only after pursuing something I was more passionate about that I was able to, like you, get a distinction in my Masters. I've since started my PhD.

Good luck!

UKRI PhD Stipends - applying for additional scholarships

Hi all

My PhD is funded by UKRI.

I recently came across a scholarship grant (based at a German Uni but open to all PhDs across the globe), that fits the theme of my research. I would like to apply for it. The conditions state that if you already have funding you are welcome to apply, but you must state 'any received/ongoing scholarships' on the application.

I was wondering if anyone had experience of applying for additional scholarships/grants on top of traditional stipends? Am I likely to be less favoured due to already having some funding?

Particularly keen to hear from those who have done this as UKRI stipend recipients - i.e. do you have knowledge on the policy on this at their end.

Thanks in advance

Feedback from interview for a PhD Studentship keeps getting delayed

Dear all,

I would like to gather some thoughts on my current situation to put my mind at ease.

I had an interview for a studentship position over a month ago. The interview went (seemingly) well, and I was told I would hear back within the next couple of days.

Fast forward to today and I have still not received my outcome.

I have been in email conversation with the PhD admissions office, who have twice responded saying something along the lines of 'sorry for delay, by next week we will have your formal outcome'. On both occasions the weeks passed - and now I have not heard from them for some time.

I have tried to call to understand why there might be such continued delays, but no one has been in their office since Lockdown begun - the phone just rings dead.. On top of this, the supervisor who interviewed me is also on leave until mid September - so no word from them either!

Any ideas why my outcome would keep getting pushed back? (especially without clarity on why!)

And should I keep emailing the PG office, or just move on??

Thanks in advance