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Wednesday, 7 November 2018 at 7:47pm
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Thread: PhD or job offer

10-Nov-18, 09:10
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posted about 7 months ago
That sounds like my story - I’m in the industry 3 years now. I am now at a point to decide between finally doing that PhD or go for another job in the industry.

Actually you’re story helps a great deal as this is what I had hoped - that the industry experience will motivate me greatly with regards to the PhD. One because I now really know that I want this place and secondly because I have learned in industry to deliver on deadlines and work under pressure. During dark days of the PhD it might also be helpful to know that the grass isn’t that much greener on the other site ;)

Thread: PhD or job offer

08-Nov-18, 16:34
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posted about 7 months ago
Thanks for your comment.

The thing is content wise I think the PhD would bring nebeliger to my „dream job“ even in the industry than the current position I have been offered.

The position is good prestige-wise and also from a salary perspective but not really where I see myself working in the long run.

The PhD might provide the chance to build expertise in the industry area I want to work in (it’s in Management but a growing field of relevance there) - so I can justify taking the step out of industry by arguing it was to gain expertise in this growing field.

Not sure of that’s good enough but I somehow have that urge to do the PhD just afraid I’ll regret it in 3 years time if I don’t find a relevant job afterwards.

Thread: PhD or job offer

07-Nov-18, 19:57
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posted about 7 months ago
Dear all

I am just seeking advice regarding my current situation. I have applied for a PhD with very good chances of being accepted as the proposal has been aligned with my potential supervisors.
I want to PhD as I enjoyed the research within my masters dissertation and also after some time in the industry I kind of miss getting involved deeply into a topic and being in control over my own project.
My job doesn’t really allow me to get into topics deeply and also a lot of people keep interfering with my approach.

However I have now received another internal job offer which would probably allow for an increase in salary and also some professional development.

After the PhD I think I also want to get back into the industry - however I’d like to work into strategy or research departments so the PhD shouldn’t be too much of a „barrier“ to return to industry.

I am just looking for some opinions here - would you stay with the PhD and look for a job in industry after (I have about 4 years industry experience) it would you seriously consider to stay in industry potentially regretting not taking he PhD choice when it appeared?

What might be an important information: I know my supervisors from my masters and know that we have a good and fruitful working relationship.

Looking forward to some thoughts.
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