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NERC SSCP programme - any advice?

Anyone who applied to the NERC SSCP DTP programme at imperial college london and was successful?
How important are grades compared to relevant experience?
In regards to one specific advertised project, I have solid research experience but not great grades (still fit the entry requirements).
Overall, how difficult is the selection process given that there are many proposed projects and only a few studentships?
Thank you in advance

UKRI PhD - reject a not-so-great offer or risk it and wait?

Quote From cucaracha:
It is so disappointing and worrying that you manage UKRI studentships, when you hold such discouraging, negative and stale views about students' rights. I feel so sorry for any students that come into contact with you. Your posts on here do not present you in a good light at all.

Genuinely interested and confused - why do you think this?:)

UKRI PhD - reject a not-so-great offer or risk it and wait?

Hey, thank you all for the replies! From what I gather, it can happen that a prospective student first accepts and then rejects an offer.

UKRI PhD - reject a not-so-great offer or risk it and wait?

My situation: I applied to 5 DTPs and was called for an interview for the project that I liked the least (lol and screaming internally).
If successful at the interview, I imagine I won't have a lot of time to decide, and I am probably keen on accepting as I wouldn't have any other offer.
The PhD is funded by one of the UKRI councils and it should start in October 2021 - my question is: if I were to reject it at a later stage (if I find something I like more) would that be allowed without any consequences? And would the position be given to the next candidate in line?
I obviously don't want the supervisor to lose the funding because of my decision.
Meanwhile I have been in contact with a postdoc who's work matches all my interests, but she will know if she receives funding only in June so I would only be able to apply in the summer - if things go well would it be too late to reject the other offer? Also, she is applying for funds from the same council as the other project, but in her case the university would cash-in the fundings and do the selection process itself, not the council, so I don't think they would know if a candidate has already won one of their studentships - right?

I know it sounds silly to overthink everything so much in advance but I would really love any suggestions from people who were/are in similar situations, particularly with UKRI councils. Thank you so much !