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Applying for PhD after almost 10 years

I felt encouraged by reading a couple of threads on this forum regarding going back to finish PhD after a long break, so I am posting my first thread here. I have a Master's in Communication and now I want to pursue a PhD in Anthropology as it is more in line with my research topic. I did ethnography on 12 step program for my Master's thesis, and I would like to further explore the topic in PhD. However, I am a bit stuck as to where to start from,,,As I studied qualitative research method (ethnography) during my Master's, and two fields are relatively similar, I am hoping I could apply directly to PhD (I am asking the program coordinator about this), I have a topic/RQ in my mind, but I feel a bit hesitant to contact supervisor directly.,I am not sure what I can do to feel better qualified for the position at the moment (I work full time in a completely unrelated field), and I feel I'm getting behind,,,Has anyone been in a similar situation, if so, how did you go about getting back on track? any suggestion would be greatly appreciated! thanks