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Industrial PhDs - what's your experience?

Hello all,

I'd like to know the experiences of fellow industrial PhD students out of interest in comparison to my own situation. I don't know any other industrial PhD students in my uni.

I'm ~9 months in to my PhD with the company I've been with since I finished my undergrad. It's a small company that is doing well but the workload is extremely strenuous. With the resources (specifically manpower) being low, a huge amount of work falls on me as though I'm just an employee still. My PhD is funded 50% by the company so in theory, 50% of my time should be for them. It's a bit of a complicated situation but overall, my thesis work feels squeezed in around the needs of the company which is yet to hire competent help.

I'm reaching out to fellow PhD students (in the scientific/engineering field) because my mental health, which has never been great due to some unfortunate circumstances since a young age, is becoming a big struggle. I've reached out to all my supervisors and they are very good. However, the stigma on mental health, the judgement that PhDs should work 24/7 for little pay and poorly enforced rules on holidays/sick leave/attendance in general, as well as the strain of a company goals 'more important' than yours is like a huge weight on my shoulders.

I'm seeking help and things are going ok. I would just like to know other experiences and those who have come out of the other side. Thanks.