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to quit a phd

I am considering quitting the PhD as I feel burn out. I joined a Ph.D. program for three years, assuming a well-structured topic. I arrived in a new country to study, and after one year, I realized that the topic is a mess. The supervisors don't know where I will go. It is tough to publish, and they can't even point me to specific journals. It is difficult for me to write the topic as it is loose with so many parts that are hard to connect. I am very stressed. I have been without sleep for a month. The supervisors keep blaming me that I don't have a clear plan for my work. When I say I don't know, they get upset.
I am thinking of quitting to save my mental health.
Any advice?

Motivation recharge

I finished one year of my Ph.D., and I joined a Ph.D. program at a young university. I got attracted by the research methodology announced. I had the feeling that I will join a professional and expert team. The good part that I am employed by the university, which is helpful as a foreigner to sustain a living. However, I have been suffering because my supervisors are not knowledgeable enough about the subject, and it is even hard for me to find relevant work. It is a new topic with a lack of real data. I don't have many options; otherwise, I would change the topic or the supervisors. Now, I lost motivation and confidence, knowing that my work is not efficient or worth publishing. I am a sincere person, and I can't fool myself by pretending that my work is strong and competitive.

Any suggestion on how to overcome these feelings and move forward!

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