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Motivation recharge

I finished one year of my Ph.D., and I joined a Ph.D. program at a young university. I got attracted by the research methodology announced. I had the feeling that I will join a professional and expert team. The good part that I am employed by the university, which is helpful as a foreigner to sustain a living. However, I have been suffering because my supervisors are not knowledgeable enough about the subject, and it is even hard for me to find relevant work. It is a new topic with a lack of real data. I don't have many options; otherwise, I would change the topic or the supervisors. Now, I lost motivation and confidence, knowing that my work is not efficient or worth publishing. I am a sincere person, and I can't fool myself by pretending that my work is strong and competitive.

Any suggestion on how to overcome these feelings and move forward!

Thanks & Regards