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Thread: I need PhD advice

29-May-19, 10:55
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posted about 1 year ago
Quote From pf329:
UCL offer a PhD in Albanian Studies, but there's no funding:

Thank you for the info! I knew about it from previous searches but it is more related to Albanian society and culture, and I am more focused on the linguistic aspect of it. Anyway thank you :)

Thread: I need PhD advice

29-May-19, 10:52
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posted about 1 year ago
Quote From Tudor_Queen:
I think you just need to have a search really, and look into what departments and labs are out there!

Just as an aside, since you don't have a specific place of study in mind yet, have you considered looking beyond London? It's just that the cost of living is insane in London (as you no doubt already know), and you might be a lot better of financially if you moved up North for example to study at a uni up there. That's not really your query, but just thought I'd mention it!!

In fact, it should be in London as I am living here with my husband and he has a job here so it is a bit unfair to move. I know London is expensive, so this is another reason for looking for a PhD with grant. There are a lot of universities here so probably should be one that offer a research grant or something like this. The problem is that there is no clear information about it, except from that being a EU citizen can be a disvantage to apply for funding. :(

Thread: I need PhD advice

24-May-19, 20:09
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posted about 1 year ago
Hello guys!

I am a Spanish woman with a BA degree in Translation and Interpreting and a MA in Albanian Language and Literature.

I am currently in London and I would like to go on researching about Albanian language in any university here in London but I just want to focus on this topic for my PhD thesis and so far I did not find anything specific for it, so I think there could be PhD in Linguistics in which the topic could be related but not a specific one.

I would be interesting in researching while teaching, and having a grant for that as I could not afford the payment of the fees.

Do you know any PhD degree in one university in London that could match my interests?

Thank you
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