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4th year PhD DISASTER...how can I salvage this!?!

Hi all,

This is my first time posting here. Hi!
I'm a 4th year PhD student in molecular biology who is due to submit at the start of October.

However, I am applying for an extension but even with the extension I am worried that I will fail.
My PhD has been a disaster from very early on, I was my supervisors first ever student...which has it's advantages but it also meant much time was wasted at the beginning setting the lab up and it also means my supervisor is very inexperienced. He is essentially a nice guy but an absolute disaster to work for...my whole lab is depressed and we have gone through 3 post-docs in the last two years. We have never publish any work from out lab.

Now, I am due to submit and I have very little data. This is a mixture of failings from me, my supervisor and experiments not working at all. My supervisor says I've just had really bad luck - everything that could have gone wrong has and now I have barely enough data to fill one chapter.
I am not usually an emotional person but I have shed more tears about this PhD then I have ever done of anything ever in my life. I feel completely out of my depth and as if instead of becoming smarter I am now dumb.

I have though about quitting a lot but that seems crazy after putting 4 years into something - but I really can't work out what to do. It's such a disaster.
I need any and all the help I can get.