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Journal submission - how should I go about this?

Hello all,

My supervisor said I should submit my newly finished chapter to a journal. The journal's American and has absolutely minimal submission guidelines on its website, with no address or contact details. My supervisor said just send it off and see what happens (she knows I'm a worrier and need clear instructions) but I don't know what to do.

Here are the factors:
a)I checked at the post office today and they said it would cost £5-£10 to post the article (it says on the website to submit paper copies)
b)I read in a book about writing for publication that it's always a good idea to check with the editor before submitting (but I have no contact details for him, and it seems kind of rude to google him and email him if the details aren't on the site)
c)If I just go ahead and post it like my supervisor told me, what is the standard address - should it go to the press that publishes the journal? With maybe 'FAO Journals Editor' or 'FAO Editors of Narrative' on it?

Please send help guys; I'm really ashamed that I keep running to my supervisor for helpwith every little thing.

proposal for conference paper

Hi guys, I'm new here but I've been reading the archived posts for a while whenever I have a truly stupid or humiliating query I can't get anyone else to answer!

My question is about writing a proposal for my first conference paper. I've chosen the conference quite carefully (it's a grad conference at the university where I studied for my MA) but I'm really worried about my proposal. I'm going to submit it as an email attachment, and my question is whether I should write a kind of covering letter in the body of the email explaining my research in general and my background, or whether I should just send like a courtesy "Please find attached my conference proposal".

My proposal is in the present tense, rather than the future (so "this paper investigates" not "this paper will investigate"). Is this conventional?

ta v much xx