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plz help...im new

Identify your field and possible institutions first, then tackle the funding next.
Look at the research pages of the relevant departments of universities you might be interested in. They will provide details of what they are doing/what opportunities there are for PhD research. Follow their directions of how to apply, and what to do if you are an overseas student. If you want to study in the UK/USA, you must have a very good standard of spoken/written English to get through the challenges of academic life.

A very silly and unfortuate situation

What were you doing drinking wine in a lab? Is that allowed?

Help! Footnote Referencing...

Janey, Footnotes are quite straightforward. At the end of a sentence, number your footnote reference. At the corresponding footnote text at the bottom of the page, write "Smith" (2008) How to write a Phd, p. 15. If the footnote reference has been cited before, elsewhere in the text, write "ibid"; if it follows on from the previous reference, write "op. cit". Google these terms for further details. Do not use footnote references in the middle of a sentence. Include the bibliography at the end of the paper, text, thesis, so that reader can refer to the full text.
Good luck.