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The exercise thread

Hey Walminski, enough of the the gender stereo-typing! I'm a woman and I do running and had a weights session last week (with a female instructor)! You can stuff your power-walking - that's for ladies who lunch...

Neck Pain & the stress of writing a PhD

I saw my chiropractor for a similar neck problem recently. Very painful, especially when driving. It took 2 visits and some straightforward exercises to right it. Perhaps you could do the same?

Corections after PhD defense (viva)

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a. There should be no tuition fees from the day of submission.
b. You should have a list of corrections laid out by your examiners - that's it - you stick to the corrections, not re-write the thesis, unless the examiners have asked you. Your graduate school office also should have a list of these corrections so there is no dispute.
c. The deadline for submitting corrections is fixed.


Tip, review each correction and use track changes in Word so your examiner knows what's been amended. Corrections are tedious, but straightforward. I got 6 months to do mine. They varied from the grammatical to the conceptual.

Dr. Aloha:-)

Postgraduateforum.com: The Band

Name for band "Doctored".
Put me down to play ukulele.

Good advice for writing your PhD

You forgot to paste the video!
Wake up Walminski, you're burning the candle at both ends!!

Upgrade problems- fine art research by practice

There are many texts, models and exemplars on research through practice in fine art.
As a starting point, try Macleod, K. & Holdridge, L. (Eds), 'Thinking through Art: reflections on art as research', London & New York, Routledge, 2005.
Katy Macleod has done some important work in this area. Their references will lead you to different places.

help! what chance do i have with a 3rd class degree?

You're doing theology, surely?

PhD options in refugee studies

The obvious one is Refugee Studies Centre, Oxford. http://www.rsc.ox.ac.uk/

Getting very frustrated with (lack of) MA supervision

If she's at her desk all day, phone her. It gets to the point.

Finally almost really done - post viva land

Yes, e-thesis is the way we do everything now, even the final copy.

Finally almost really done - post viva land

Well done, I remember that feeling of deflation quite well.
Take as much time off before re-visiting the thing for corrections. (up)

Post-thesis twilight zone.........

I'm afraid twilight zone goes on and on... had viva, had party, had corrections, done corrections, corrections approved, repaginating thesis, submitting e-thesis, printing thesis for supervisors.... it goes on and on.
I'm near the end of this chain of events but there are still things to do.

thesis corrrections nightmare - anyone else had this?

Your university should have a protocol in which timeframes for thesis corrections, submissions, etc. are set out. If the exams office are onto it, there's not much you can do. Enjoy your time not thinking about them.

My examiner was super efficient and sent them to me the day after my viva. I have just submitted them but she is the sort of person who wants blood out of a stone. It never ends, even months after viva.

plz suggest the the topic of ph.d from software testing

'Naseema' is a she, not a he.

Who's doing the weirdest PhD?

cats purring....