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Please tell me I'm not alone!

Hi Moomin, my sympathies on the loss of your father. The fact that you are still plodding away at the PhD is amazing and you should be v.proud of urself.I myself have just started the 3rd year of my PhD, have had a v.traumatic year and have spent the last 8weeks exhausted from it all,and stressed bacuse I cant function and that other new postgrads will finish before me and the work they do will be better. It is a standard trait of PhD like that the results you get out are not represenative of the long tense hard hours put in - such is the nature of the beast. Anyways, what Im trying to say is that I totally empathise with you and you are not alone. At the end of the day, you can only go one step at a time. I strongly recommend like someone else did that you take some time out - your work will benefit from this, be nice to yourself, be proud of all that you have achieved and you will get there in the end. Best of luck