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LSE or UCL? Help!

if you got a 1st in politics then you'll almost def get in... just write a passionate personal statement

LSE or UCL? Help!

Hey Jo-Jo.. I dont mind at all.
I'm just finishing my Bsc in Psychology predicted either a 1st or high 2;1. They dont often take cross-over students, but i've got work experience in the area and basically stated slot on my personal statement that it is def what i want ti do with my career. What are your qualifications? maybe i can help give you an idea of whether you've got a good chance?im sure you have though x

LSE or UCL? Help!

so... what kind of extra qualifications will i need?


LSE or UCL? Help!

Hey guys,

I've got accepted to Msc Global Politics at LSE and Msc International Public Policy at UCL.

I really dont know where to accept! They're both great courses...

LSE has a better reputation (although UCL is fantastic too!) but costs 12£k where as UCL costs 6£K... so if i go to LSE i'll have to get a bank loan cos they didnt offer me a graduate merit award.

so basically, in weighing the pro's and cons i really really cant make a decision. Any advice whatsoever will be appreciated...

I'm lookin to get a job ultimately for the UN, World Bank, Foreign office, defence department... something like that... don't know whether that helps..

thanks guys,


What's Bristol Uni like for a masters student?


I'm currently a student at manchester uni and have applied to a number of uni's for a Msc in International relations... I got into Bristol which has a good reputation...

But what's it like to go/live there as a postgrad student??
I know no one there and will prob get a flat or something..


MA in International Relations...Advice needed.

hey... I don't think you'll have any trouble getting in at all. I'm in my third year in a BSC psychology and have applyed to do masters in IR- i've already received offers from bristol and manchester... and all they want is a 2:1.

Just make sure you right an engaging personal statement that shows your interest in the subject, and sed your applications asap...