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Thursday, 29 March 2018 at 6:50pm
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Thread: possible viva decision overturned?

29-Mar-18, 18:58
by anamy
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posted about 12 months ago
Hi, looking for some advice. I recently had a viva where the informal recommendation was resubmit for a second viva. I have not seen any of the reports yet. From what I can tell, the decision was based on my performance in the viva (not answering questions well, gaps in knowledge...) and not based on my thesis. I was suffering from a particular acute medical condition at the time which has affected my concentration, energy level, and memory. Basically, I couldn't think straight during the viva and could not prepare properly beforehand. The apparent gaps in my knowledge were not due to actual gaps in my knowledge, but because I was not myself. I would not have been given this decision if it weren't for my condition, I am quite confident of this. I can provide medical documentation of this, and have gotten in touch with my supervisor who seems sympathetic.

Would this be grounds to overturn the examiners decision to resubmit for a second viva? I understand that different institutions will have different regulations on this, but I am curious if anybody has some inside knowledge or experience with something similar. It seems very harsh to judge years of work based on a few hours when I was not myself, and a second viva would be personally very difficult to handle. Thank you!
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