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My PhD destroyed my life

I hope your doing OK now, I know this post is a year old, but in my experience, 1 year isn't enough time to recover from all the negative things a PhD brings into your life. I've seen your story play out in at least 4 cases around me, all involve divorces, therapy and extreme burnout....you're not alone if that makes you feel somewhat better, although it doesn't fix anything of course. I found myself in a situation for the first time in my life where I am deeply unhappy through undertaking a PhD. I still try and remind myself of the good I have around me, but the PhD is a dark cloud that has involved doctors visits, arguments at home, terrible finances and multiple extensions, I yearn for my old self and am so angry at the fact something so stupid as a thesis document could derail my happiness in such an extreme way. I've seen figures that state over 50% of PhD students have clinical depression and based on those around me as a sample size, it seems very apparent in my everyday life. I am still writing up, but I work full time now, it is the only thing actually that made me feel better (if not more pressured for time). Leaving the toxic world of academia in my opinion was a great decision that you made, it's the only way to rebuild your life. Journalling and joining walking groups I've found are great ways to start healing.