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Thread: Can your referee be the same supervisor you're applying to?

18-Nov-17, 18:27
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posted about 8 months ago
Quote From Pjlu:
In real life it can vary as well. Sometimes it will be unavoidable because you work in an institution and system and are applying for a position within the same institution or system. Also at times selection and interview panels are convened after the position has been advertised and you can find that you agreed to act as a referee for a person and then you have been placed on the selection and/or interview panel.

My working experience has been that you just state your position re being one of the candidate's referee's at the outset before the selection or interview to the panel chair and the panel chair generally allows it.

The final decision is made by the panel rather than an individual so this acts against any bias or nepotism. Usually reference checking might include more than one referee and if you are on the panel and happen to be one of the referees listed for the candidate, other than the panel members asking you briefly about the candidate after the interview, someone goes on and contacts another referee on the list to check.

I am pretty sure that my referee/supervsior isn't part of any panel as far as I know it. Regardless, I have to agree with Tudor_Queen's advice that as long as he has agreed to be my referee then it should be alright!

Thread: Can your referee be the same supervisor you're applying to?

17-Nov-17, 12:44
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posted about 8 months ago
Thanks everyone for their advice! To be more precise, it's a PhD biosciences studentship that i am applying for, and the projects listed includes one being offered by my current supervisor.

I'll need to fill up a list of supervisors I am interested in, which needless to say will include my current supervisor. Since now I know I'm applying to a department rather than directly to my supervisor, I'm guessing that he probably won't be reviewing the initial applications anyway so I'll just include him then!

Thread: Can your referee be the same supervisor you're applying to?

16-Nov-17, 17:33
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posted about 8 months ago

I'm in a sticky situation at the moment. I currently work as a research assistant and seeking to apply for a PhD. The thing is that the work I've done has been of great interest to me, and I would very much like to continue on in the same lab as my current supervisor's PhD student.

He's agreed to be one of my referees, but given that I'll have to go through the formal application process, would it be 'right' to include him as one of my references when applying to his project?

I'd appreciate any sort of advice! Thank you!

Thread: PhD with a 2.1 and work experience

02-Oct-17, 17:28
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posted about 9 months ago
Hi there,

I know this has probably been asked a million times, but I am an international student wanting to do a PhD in the UK, and I was just wondering what are my chances of getting into a funded PhD studentship with a 2:1 BSc with work experience? Do you think it would be advisable for me to pursue a masters first before trying for any funded PhDs?

Hope to get some advice from the community :)

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