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Requested change in supervision - a bit scared...

Just read your post. It seems you are under similar situation like me. But I submitted formal complaint to investigate my bench fee. MY ex seems shadowing my new supervisor too.

Does anyone think about suicide?

Thank you Tudor_Queen. Unfotunately, they forwarded me to student counselling. It is not helpful. I called Samaritans but no one picked up the call yet.

Does anyone think about suicide?

I found recently that my supervisor cheated my bench fee. That also has negative impact on my PhD progress which will take longer to finish. I am now thinking about commit suicide.

anyone else get this crazy spam message

I've got that too.

Advice for quitting PhD

Hello Bombus,

I am international student in UK. I understand how you feel especially in this issue. For your questions, the best one you can ask is your sponsor. It depends on your contract with your sponsor. could you please check with them?

I used to quit from PhD before when I finished first year. My supervisor said that my language is so poor even the examiners gave me passed viva without condition. I am now studying in the other University in UK and expected to finish by the end of this year. PhD life is so tough but it is worth to engage your life with.


Quitting PhD


I used to quited from PhD before I started a new program after 3 months.
Now I am in the 3rd year and I cannot cope my stress as well.
To study PhD is to keep your mind to be experience any risk of mental illness.
I met psychiatrist and psychologists. I had big problem with previous supervisor but now I changed supervisor already.
Sometimes supervisor does not know that he/she has large impact on student's mental health.
Sometimes they don't even know that they have mental illness.

Hope you can get along well with your study.