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Thread: SOP Review for Ph.D from NUS -Part2

25-May-14, 09:29
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posted about 5 years ago
Along with my graduation did 2 months industrial training from “Software Technology Park of India”. There I worked on a project named “Helpdesk Management Tool” under the supervision of Vikal Sharma (Deputy Director) using C as language. It was about tracking the IT related queries raised by the employees in an organization and then the system automatically prioritising the severity of the query. The software was on premise where it was installed on each individual system and was connected to a common database file which was stored in a server and was connected using FTP.
All along 3 years of my graduation learnt languages like C, C++, Visual Basic and Java and got acquainted with other subjects like Object oriented programming, Data base management, computer networks and Artificial Intelligence. The most interesting thing which I found was that the logic applied for coding a program remained the same, only the syntax differed. By this my perspective of looking into a problem changed and the solution were more logical and systematic.
After my graduation I was offered a job as a Junior Software Engineer at Tata Consultancy Service (TCS). I was one of the few students who were able to crack the interview. Out of 60,000 students 350 were selected and I was one of them. I dropped the offer as I was wanted to gain deeper knowledge about software engineering and computer languages. I opted for doing Master’s in Computer Application (MCA) and secured 990 ranks out of 1, 00,000 in the common entrance examination for getting admission in MCA for a reputed state university.
During my post-graduation my prime focus was to have deeper knowledge about the languages I have learnt and gain more knowledge about software engineering and its techniques. It was very much interesting to study about the requirement elicitation and the cost estimation techniques.

Thread: SOP Review for Ph.D from NUS -Part1

25-May-14, 09:28
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posted about 5 years ago
Guys need your help for getting through Ph.D from NUS. I am pasting my SOP on the mail body please review it and help me in making it better. Thanks in advance. Since cannot paste the complete SOP in a single thread pasting it in pieces.

Statement of Purpose Part 1
My life has been with lots of ups and downs, some with rough roads and some with smooth. All this ups and downs is keeping me alive. My interest towards computers started during the 90’s when the first Microsoft Windows was launched. Those were the time when the era of desktop computer started. My dad gifted me my first computer with Intel Pentium 2 processor, 128 MB RAM, and a 4 GB hard disk.
During those time I used to play lots of computer games, some popular one like Dave, Retal to the latest once like Call of Duty. So during the course of my life the curiosity increased in knowing how the games were developed and how to develop a new one. Since then there was a shift in interest from gaming to development.
I started my first coding lesson named “Hello World” in C language. Then from there after it has been a complete different world of computers and language. Getting to learn all those If-else conditions, functions, arrays and the coding standards has been fascinating. When I was in class 12th worked on a project named “Timetable Management” using C language under the super vision of Mr Manish (Head Computer Science Department, Doon Public School). Since then my interest has been towards computers and software engineering.
For following my passion and interest towards Software Engineering I opted to do my graduation in Bachelor’s in Computer Application (BCA). I got admission in a reputed state university where I was among the top 5 who were able to complete all coding related questions and projects on time.
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