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PhD boyfriend with NO job


Thank you all for your feedback and responses. It has been really refreshing to hear so many people chipping in and the different perspectives. I am definitely much aware and have a better point of view now. Special thanks to Mackem_Beefy, keenbean, emma8704 and wolfie27 ;)

Badhaircut, I can imagine what your ex-girlfriend (not saying what she did was right) went through but that is only because I have a very similar experience. My boyfriend always disregards what I do and he thinks that lawyers are merely materialistic and selfish fools. He thinks that what he does (science) is far superior than what I do, the fact that he is doing some advance science PhD needless to say is WAY superior. There was a point of time during my LLB that I almost wanted to give up what I was doing because it was so overbearing. It took me a long time to get back on my feet and 'fight' back for my own rights on my career ambitions, but I hope you don't blame yourself too much. Having said that, I constantly ask myself - can I really live with someone like that for the rest of my life when I have to fight for what I want in this manner. Shouldn't he try to be more understanding. Now that you have mentioned it, can I ask why did you put your ex-girlfriend through all that? I really need to understand why a man that supposedly loves you would be so condescending at times? I hope this won't put you of, I am only asking because this is an area that I am quite concerned about in the long run. I keep telling myself he would be less overbearing, but at the same time I don't want to be unrealistic.

I also want to open this question to the floor: I have a close friend who's husband is on his 3rd post-doc, she did her LLM with me (bear in mind that she is 30 years of age) BUT she has NO professional career because she has been 'following' her husband in different jurisdictions. It is difficult to qualify alone as a lawyer and moving around is not the optimum way of obtaining qualification. She recently landed herself a job in the EU Parliament but her husband is going to Asia to do his post-doc for 4 years (Her husband wants her to accompany him in Asia). The obvious question is: Should she give up her own professional career for his? I want to hear from both ladies and gentlemen with regards to this issue. What do you guys think?

Once again thank you! you all have been lovely ;)
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PhD boyfriend with NO job


Firstly, I just want to thank you so much for giving me such a constructive response, it is really great to hear from the PhD student's perspective.. AND Congrats on completing your thesis!! I am really pleased you and your partner pulled through such a difficult time together and I know how difficult it is for your partner as I currently have to withstand constant 'moodiness' but I am really happy that you guys got there in the end.

Second,with regards to the job, it is my parents that are always on my back ie getting married etc and as really traditional parents, they keep harping on the fact that my boyfriend does not yet have a job. It didn't use to bother me but their constant nagging has made me feel relatively anxious about the situation. I try not to distract him from his work but at the same time I just needed to get some assurance from people who have gone through this route -once again thank you :-)

As I don't know the PhD job market very well, I was wondering is it difficult to land a job after completing a PhD? I have heard from another PhD friend that for Post-Doc position one has to apply a year in advance? Is this true? The world after a PhD is a very confusing one for me..

I welcome anyone to give me some feedback on this matter for I would be deeply appreciative. Thanks!!

PhD boyfriend with NO job


I know my question is not about an academic course of study but more on dating a PhD boyfriend. I myself just completed a LLM program and have started working as a lawyer. I am now however facing big problem because my boyfriend is currently still studying. He has been on his PhD since I did my LLB and then my LLM and now that I have completed my education, he is only writing up his thesis. (November 2012)

He has no jobs lined up for him and I am getting quite frustrated waiting for him to complete his education. Our conversations revolve around his school work and his supervisor and it is honestly getting quite dull for me. He is a great guy don't get me wrong but I have waited for a long time for him to complete his education and get a job but I am not even sure now if that would happen anytime soon.

What really worries me is that he still has not secured a job when his submission date is November 2012.

Can someone please advise me on this? Is it normal not to have a job lined up for you upon completion of a PhD? Perhaps if someone could advise me/ reassure me that it will be alright in the end and that i'm just being an over anxious blob.

Any kind comments would be great comments.